Spread the Seeds of WILD WestCo!

“A seed is a small embryonic plant enclosed in a covering called the seed coat, usually with some stored food. It is the product of the ripened ovule of gymnosperm and angiosperm plants which occurs after fertilization and some growth within the mother plant. The formation of the seed completes the process of reproduction in seed plants (started with the development of flowers and pollination), with the embryo developed from the zygote and the seed coat from the integuments of the ovule.” – NDST ’15

Ever wondered what the heck is going on in the WestCo courtyard? Ever
wondered when it’ll all finally be green? Ever wondered what 100
chocolate chip cookies (and a bunch of apple cider tea) look like?
Stop by the WestCo courtyard this Saturday to help spread the seeds
for (almost) the entire WILD WestCo Permaculture Garden and find out!
There will also be time for talking about what’s been going on in the
WILD WestCo site, about permaculture more generally, and for lots n
lots of treats and beverages!

Hope to see you all there!

Date: Saturday, 17 Nov.
Time: 2:15 PM
Place: WestCo Courtyard
Cost: One exotic native plant (still)

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