Car Accident by High Rise Did Not Involve Wesleyan Students

It appears that there has been a car accident at the entrance to the High Rise parking lot. A white Sedan and a black SUV were involved, and Middletown police told me that no Wesleyan students were involved and that both cars were unaffiliated with theUniversity. The man driving the white Sedan was injured and brought to Middlesex Hospital. The occupants of the SUV were uninjured.

It’s a surprisingly nasty crash— somehow the Sedan ended up against the brick wall with a flat back tire, and the entire nose of the SUV is pretty crumpled. Let’s let this serve to highlight that the High Rise parking lot entrance is narrow and blind. Be careful entering and exiting; people speed up and down Church St., and especially during the winter months, it can be hard to slow down the hill.

Stay safe, Wesleyan, and have a great Thanksgiving.

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