Stowell ’13 Translates, Edits Book of Chinese Poetry

Earlier this semester we posted about Travel as Treatment, a collection of poetry written by Glenn Stowell ’13 during a summer he spent in China on the Olin Fellowship’s dime. Today we offer Stowell big, slightly belated ups for editing, translating, and writing the introduction to Yan Jun’s You Jump to Another Dream, a book of Chinese poetry published byVagabond Press. As the Wesleyan Connection reports, Stowell’s publication is the result of an independent study project he took on at Wesleyan last year:

Last spring, Stowell worked with Ao Wang, assistant professor of Asian languages and literatures, assistant professor of East Asian studies, on an independent study on translation of contemporary Chinese poetry. You Jump to Another Dream was the result of the independent study. Additionally, the Olin Fellowship provided Stowell with funds needed to travel to China this summer and to work with Yan Jun on their book.

Stowell, a 2011-2012 Wesleyan Student Poet, also authored a collection of poetry, Until We Leave, for Wesleyan’s own Stethoscope Press last year.

Not sure how translating Chinese poetry can help you in the real world? Stowell also just landed a two-year contract working for Goldman Sachs in New York. Take that, mom and dad.

 [Wesleyan Connection]

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