Turkey: A Thanksgiving Abroad Blog Round-Up

This Thanksgiving, take some time out of your gluttony to remember the expatriates who can’t sit down to their tables stateside. To abroad students, today is a whirl of homesickness, isolation, and hunger pangs. So consider this post an expression of our gratitude to those who are living the American dream, from Delhi to Denmark. Thanks, folks, for responding to the call we put out earlier this semester; we hope to increase your readership one thousandfold.

Check out these fine Wesleyan abrogs below!

Janzania: “Tanzania encounters Jana.” Sit by the fire as Jana Heaton ’14 regales you with stories of milking cows, listening to Tanzanian Rush Limbaugh, being overly apologetic (pole), and punching a dad in the face – as well as poignant reflections on infant mortality and hygienic norms. (Above picture is hers.) [LINK]


BPDinUK: From Ben Davis ’14: “Basically I try to take my camera out whenever I go someplace interesting and picture worthy.” Frickin’ beautiful pictures of Hadrian’s Wall, Borough Market, Tower of London, and other English sites. Looks like he went to the mainland, too (cf. gorgeous photos of Prague and Copenhagen). Also, Roger Federer in the flesh. [LINK]


Michelhi In Delhi: Props on the “.in” domain name, Michelle Agresti ’14! Here’s a blog detailing Michelle’s experiences with getting lost, learning to cook, cruising in rickshaws, Chennai vs. Delhi and Pizza Hut vs. Dominos. As of October 26th, she’s finished her first complete bottle of malaria pills. Will she finish her second before the semester ends? Stay tuned to find out! [LINK]

Danny B in Israel: “I’m currently studying and living in Haifa, Israel. On a mountain. Next to a beach. The view is pretty nice. My blog is mostly a platform for whatever thoughts, ideas or rants that Israel has inspired that day. Say what you will about Israel (and I’ve said plenty) but it is certainly not boring or vanilla. Hardly a day goes by without something happening that inspires great happiness, content, frustration or dread. Pretty much every night you fall asleep with something nudging at the corner of your mind. Hence, the blog.” – Danny Blinderman ’14  [LINK]

L.A. to Amsterdam: From Andrew Cohen ’14: “Andrew is in Amsterdam, the best city in Europe by far.  Read his study abroad blog if you want to learn about Amsterdam, bike trips, pictures and the world from the perspective of a 6’4 dingus.  Let’s CHECK IT OUT. (Cue the song, Denny.)” [LINK]

Joey and Jake’s Blog: Tag team blog! Jake Barack ’14 takes Taiwan, Joey Schwartz ’14 takes Madrid. Jake says: “If you have any sort of opportunity to travel abroad, whether it’s in Taiwan or anywhere else, take it.” Joey echoes what should sound familiar to any former student abroad: “Valencia is this weekend. Barcelona next weekend. My parents come visit. Then Sensation White in Copenhagen. So should be a fun next couple of weeks. Time for bed.” [LINK]

Softness Travels: From Nikki Softness ’14: “I’m spending the semester studying in Copenhagen, Denmark at this program which tells us, ‘Copenhagen is your home, Europe is your classroom.’ Which means I’m going to be traveling insane amounts. My human rights class was in Kosovo studying the Kosovo-Serbia conflict. I’ll be taking field trips to intelligence agencies, Hamlet’s castle, ancient amusement parks, and traveling all over Europe just for fun.” [LINK]


Keep up the good “work,” people. If you think about it, study abroad is kind of like the stuffing in the great turkey of college. (Does that make RyanAir the baster?) If you’d like your abrog to be featured, drop staff(at)wesleying(dot)org a note — be sure to make the subject “Study Abroad Blog” and to include a link and a blurb.

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