Donate School Supplies and/or Closet Junk to Benefit Schools in Mexico

Katherine Clifford ’14 encourages you to think outside yourself for a minute:

Half the Sky, a new student group focused on women’s empowerment globally would
like to call your attention to a serious challenge facing remote schools in Baja, Mexico.
After a devastating hurricane (Paul) and a lack of assistance from the government, village
schools in Mexico are DESPERATE for supplies. We are coordinating with the
nonprofit organization Global Classroom to help remedy this issue.

Please help by donating!

  • School Supplies
  • Craft Supplies
  • Money for purchasing bulk school supplies and basic medical care
  • Things you need to get out of your closet

Collect things over Thanksgiving and bring them back for the drive!


  • We will be tabling in Usdan 11/26 – 11/28
  • Collection boxes will be in Usdan, Red and Black, North College, Exley, Pi, and Olin
  • Collection tins for $ donations in Red and Black, Olin

Also, check out our meetings! They are Wednesdays at 8:15pm in Squash aka. 41
Wyllys in room 110.

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