Other Months: Singer ’11 Launches Kickstarter for Feature Film

With the help of about a million other recent Wes grads, Nick Singer ’11 is busy expanding his senior thesis film into a full-fledged three-part feature.  Other Months explores nearly a year in the life of Nash, an “anxious, isolated, and directionless” young man who is plagued by perpetual uncertainty. From the Kickstarter page:

There is a deep disquiet in Nash, an undercurrent running beneath his inertia. In the heady rush of sex, in the ecstatic pulse of a dance floor, in the electric punch of a confrontation with death—in these access points to the animal—he finds a certain undeniable potency. These moments in turn excite, terrify, and—ultimately, inevitably—leave Nash with a profound longing.

Singer’s thesis was a short film called February. After completing the film, which was an official selection of the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival in Utah, Singer was inspired to expand on its story and delve deeper into Nash’s mind.  The second installment, July, is now also complete.  The production team is now raising funds for November, the final part of the trilogy, which is being filmed in New York City.

The Kickstarter page outlines where the funds will be going, and encourages donations of all sizes. The fundraiser for Other Months will be active through December 3.  Get updates, stills, and screening footage on Facebook. Also note the great Animal Collective track used (with the band’s permission, of course) in the above trailer. More on Other Months online here.

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