wesleyaning pest for hemmes

’bout time! Hermes, Wesleyan’s “magazine of political, critical, and creative thought”, “longest running progressive publication”, “second-largest phallic object on campus”, “quarterly journal of biblical hermeneutics”, and “, is accepting submissions for its first issue of the school year. The collective speaks once more:

Look around you.
This is a moment.
There are lots of moments.
But this is a moment.
History or whatever.
Hermes wants to hear about it.
Hermes wants to read about it.
Hermes wants to be it.
Think about your life and whatsgoingon around you.
Submit to Hermes: wesleyanhermes[a]gmail[d]com
Deadline Thursday November 29th.
Hermes loves you.

Contact: wesleyanhermes(at)gmail(dot)com
Deadline: This Thursday, the 29th
Make Sure To: Write that down in your copy book now.
I Just: Rediscovered the old Hermes WordPress. Look at it.

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