The Library Website Seeks Your Input

Systems librarian Lori Stethers sends us a screenshot of the library website. Meta:

Want to take a test you can’t fail and make $20?

The library is refining its web site and needs your input to do it right.  Meet with a librarian to complete a short activity that will help us determine what should and should not be on our web site and how to organize the content.  Receive a $20 Amazon gift card as thanks for your time!  Takes 30 to 60 minutes.  Limited to first 5 students to sign up.  Both undergrad and grad students are needed; student employees of the library are not eligible.

To sign up, click on an appointment time here. (Update: slots are full, link removed on request.)

Date: This week
Time: Whenever
Place: Library
Cost: Get a $20 Amazon gift card

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One thought on “The Library Website Seeks Your Input

  1. Lori Stethers

    I’ve received an overwhelming response to this request and can’t take any more students. Thanks for all the interest!

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