Wesleyan Thinks Big (and Stuff): A Liveblog

For you cool kids on campus who haven’t heard, Wesleyan Thinks Big, a Ted talk meets a magical bundle of hope and wonder, is happening tonight. If you can’t be at the actual event, fear not. There is a screening in PAC 001 at the same time (8pm) and you can even get the event livestream from the comfort of your own dorm room or first floor Usdan couch.

We, the trusty crazed internet fanatics bloggers of Wesleying, will also be liveblogging away in the chapel.

Read after the jump to hear our commentary on these professors’ commentary. 


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6 thoughts on “Wesleyan Thinks Big (and Stuff): A Liveblog

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    1. Hannah

      It was recorded! Videos will go up on youtube and wesleyanthinksbig.com after our terrific videographers Neo Sora ’14 and Will Feinstein ’13 finish editing them.

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