Winter Electro Bonanza

Alex Lough ’13 is sitting in a room different from the one you are in now, namely the CFA Hall:

come watch twentyish music majors play music while the music plays
them right back. these are dangerous explorations of sound and vision
that are meant only to be handled by professionals so you’ll want to
be there in case we burn our eyebrows off. if you want your Wesleyan
music experience to be more mind-expanding, come let us tenderly
inject multimedia into your veins.

you will witness the work of 
Jeremy Webber ’13
Dan Light ’14
Cristopher Ramos Flores GRAD
Alex Lough ’13
Ted Bularzik ’13
Daniel Sullivan ’13
Spencer Burnham ’14
Atticus Swartwood ’14
Jordan Lewis ’13
David Preddy ’13
Tobias Butler ’13
Dexter Dine ’14
Ashlin Aronin ’13
Nate Repasz ’14
Molly Balsam ’14
Henry Molofsky ’14
Mary Barrett ’14
Ian Anderson ’14

Date: Tonight, December 6th
Time: 9pm
Place: CFA Hall
Cost: Your sanity
Facebook Event: Link.

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