Procrastination Destination Du Jour: Cats… Lots of Them

Shout out to waynesworld for making this sick-ass cover photo.

Yes, readers, I know what you are thinking: “Hermes, you crazy bitch, there was already a post about cats from last year’s Procrastination Destination and you peeps at Wesleying had a post earlier today about cats. Fuck this. Cats are a societal construct anyway.”

Oh, but I’ve gone above and beyond, for I bring you MANY websites featuring MANY cats in today’s DOUBLE FEATURE about CATS. I told my kitten-/cat-obsessed friend at Northwestern that our blog was doing a double feature on cat websites and all she could say was, “You lucky sons of bitches.”

Read after the jump to see all of the adorable cat-ness (cat-ness, Katniss, GET IT?).

1. 24-Hour Kitten Livestream

This gem of a website is 24 hours of cute kittens being… cute. I have legit stared at this video for a good 45 minutes before. As one friend of mine puts it: “This shit is motherfuckin’ hypnosis.”

2. Cat Bounce

A personal favorite, this website lets you drop cats from lofty heights and watch them bounce. Pretty straightforward.

3. Pusheen the Cat

Pusheen is one of the most adorable pieces of Internet out there. Like OMG. IT IS A CUTE CAT ILLUSTRATION.

I almost put LOLCATS in this post, but come on, that’s way too mainstream.

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