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Impact India Late Night Experience

Simoneil Sarbh ’13 writes in with an exciting Impact India late night experience tonight, which only a DJ Roomba would enhance:

Finals got you down? We’re here to help! January 11th, the night before finals start, come to Exley Lobby for Indian drinks, grilled cheese, and 5 minute massages (YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, MASSAGES)

Mango / Strawberry Lassi – $2
Chai – $1
Grilled Cheese – $2

5 minute massage (choose from either back, head, neck, shoulder, or hand) – $3
We’ll also do a foot massage for $20, keep your socks on!
COMBO – massage, chai, and grilled cheese – $5Or maybe you just want a hug? There will be a special guest appearance by Lu Corporan ’13, the Usdan free hugs guy, giving out comfort and affection to those in need (free of charge!).

Student Poets’ Reading

Hannah Zimmerman ’13
 writes in to inform you of a poetical smörgåsbord being served up at Earth House, featuring:

Alec Harris ’12
Madalena Henning ’15
Joshua Krugman ’14
Elizabeth Sallee ’13
Hannah Zimmerman ’13 


Date: Tuesday, December 11th
Time: 5 pm – 7 pm
Place: Earth House