Finals Week Fireworks Outside Olin

No one’s quite sure why members of the classes of 2014 and 2015 just set off fireworks outside Olin, but who’s complaining? As Syed just reported from Wesleying’s Olin Liveblog, Olin seems to be collapsing into chaos in general:

The first floor of Olin is quickly devolving. Fireworks bursting just outside seem to have disrupted the collective focus. Now, a toy mini-football is being thrown around. Lots of chatter, laughter.

An anonymous tipster sent Wesleying the above video, which captures the fiery spectacle above Andrus. Shortly after I received a text consisting of “Did You See The Fireworks?”, which is like a mash-up of two Animal Collective songs, which is dope. Happy Finals Week!

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