Liveblogging Olin Library Rebooted


A couple months ago, esteemed bloggers pyrotechnics and Syed ventured into the trenches of Olin Memorial Library to take on Operation L.O.L. (Liveblog in Olin Library).

Today, there is an even greater mission upon us: liveblogging Olin during finals week (which has the way less catchy acronym ‘L.O.D.F.W.’).

Read after the jump to see the liveblog…and many finals week memes.

Syed December 12, 201210:52 PM

The first floor of Olin is quickly devolving. Fireworks bursting just outside seem to have disrupted the collective focus. Now, a toy mini-football is being thrown around. Lots of chatter, laughter.

Syed December 12, 20128:49 PM

Also, while I’m here, it’s my duty as a Wesleying blogger to inform you all of the hugest deal of all time.

From Broad Street Books:

Syed December 12, 20128:44 PM

@Hermes, seeing that I just saw your post, it’s going quite well, thanks!

Also, I have suspicions about who who this baby-hating kitty-lovin prankster is.

Zach December 12, 20128:40 PM

Text I just received: “You can tell Wesleying that the same friend strongly dislikes babies and would like to see kittens. You should just suck it up.”

hermes December 12, 20128:31 PM

All right Wes peeps, I am signing out. It’s been a lovely 2 hours keeping you all from doing your “work” (cough SYED cough).
Good luck on your exams.
See you soon.
Ratchet Ratchet Pi or die.

waynesworld December 12, 20128:30 PM

Time to sign off and catch up on well-needed sleep.

I’ll cherish these memories forever, Olin:

hermes December 12, 20128:28 PM

For anyone who missed this, earlier I said that a certain Zach (last name not disclosed) doesn’t like kittens.

waynesworld December 12, 20128:28 PM

Need a muse (or several) for writing that 10-page paper?

Zach December 12, 20128:27 PM

Friend just texted me, “How do you dislike kittens?” Glad this liveblog has sparked controversy.

hermes December 12, 20128:27 PM

So. Many. Babiez.

waynesworld December 12, 20128:25 PM

Here’s another cute baby:

hermes December 12, 20128:25 PM

Spotted: A barefoot person.

hermes December 12, 20128:24 PM

Spotted: Bruno Machiavelo ’16 finally decided to show up and say hi.

Bruno lives in Spain and is fluent in French. He also serves as House Manager of Ratchet Ratchet Pi.

hermes December 12, 20128:22 PM


hermes December 12, 20128:22 PM

Spotted: Girl stretching awkwardly in Olin.

Zach December 12, 20128:21 PM
hermes December 12, 20128:21 PM


Zach December 12, 20128:20 PM
Zach December 12, 20128:20 PM

I’m all up in your subconscious, hermes.

hermes December 12, 20128:20 PM

Fun fact: one of my teachers in high school called it “twittering.”

waynesworld December 12, 20128:19 PM

I did not know that there was a documentary about babies…
I am about to cry.

hermes December 12, 20128:18 PM

@Zach: I was literally just about to post that too………….

Zach December 12, 20128:18 PM

You guys think it’s a big deal that Malkin blessed some kid who sneezed on the other side of the room? The Pope blessed pretty much all of Twitter today:

hermes December 12, 20128:14 PM

Except this baby is cuter.

Zach December 12, 20128:14 PM

How come no one else likes my idea of starting a Facebook page called “Wes Constructive Criticisms”?

hermes December 12, 20128:14 PM

@Zach: #awk

waynesworld December 12, 20128:14 PM

Shout out to Regen Routman ’16 for being an awesome next-door neighbor.

Zach December 12, 20128:14 PM

I heard she’s really good in that movie directed by that one senior. Whatever his name is. No one remembers that guy.

hermes December 12, 20128:13 PM

Dude, I could totally take over for Wes Compliments.

hermes December 12, 20128:13 PM

Shout out to Regen Routman ’16 for being really funny and stuff.

hermes December 12, 20128:12 PM

@Zach: I was literally about to post Regen’s beautiful tweet.

Zach December 12, 20128:11 PM

It is true what they say about me and kittens.

Zach December 12, 20128:11 PM
hermes December 12, 20128:11 PM

@Zach: *kittens

waynesworld December 12, 20128:10 PM

Treat yo’ self to some Retta:

waynesworld December 12, 20128:09 PM

I love finals…

hermes December 12, 20128:09 PM

Is it socially acceptable nowadays to go to bed at 9pm?
Like, is that a thing?
Can kewl kollege kids do that?

waynesworld December 12, 20128:08 PM

hermes December 12, 20128:04 PM


waynesworld December 12, 20128:03 PM

Is anyone else excited for The Hobbit?

waynesworld December 12, 20128:02 PM


hermes December 12, 20128:02 PM


hermes December 12, 20128:00 PM

So many cute babies…

waynesworld December 12, 20127:59 PM

Wesleyan needs to address the serious baby deficit on campus.

hermes December 12, 20127:58 PM

Strange looks from people every time waynesworld and I giggle at something.
Poor Spuddi Minaj.

hermes December 12, 20127:55 PM

Shout out to Chris Caines ’16 who says he’s been in YOLOlin for 15 hours.


waynesworld December 12, 20127:55 PM

Salads for everyone.

waynesworld December 12, 20127:54 PM

Just overheard someone say that they wanted a beer. #finals

hermes December 12, 20127:53 PM

I need to charge my computer and there are no outlets under this table.
The struggle is real.

waynesworld December 12, 20127:53 PM

Feeling the Finals blues?
Go eat a salad alone .

hermes December 12, 20127:51 PM

Hey Syed, how’s the work coming?


waynesworld December 12, 20127:50 PM

Oh dear God. There’s a video.

hermes December 12, 20127:49 PM

Small Potatoes program house? Anyone?

hermes December 12, 20127:47 PM

507 views on this liveblog…

waynesworld December 12, 20127:47 PM

hermes December 12, 20127:46 PM

Oh, Spuddi Minaj.

waynesworld December 12, 20127:45 PM

hermes December 12, 20127:44 PM


waynesworld December 12, 20127:44 PM

Introducing Small Potatoes

hermes December 12, 20127:43 PM

Another blessed sneeze on this side of Olin.

hermes December 12, 20127:43 PM

Awkward moment when Wayne’s photo is too big…

hermes December 12, 20127:41 PM

Oh my.
Waynesworld has stumbled upon the world’s greatest Facebook page (photos to come soon).

hermes December 12, 20127:40 PM

Fun fact: Our Dear Leader Zach does not like kittens.

hermes December 12, 20127:39 PM

@Samira: I spend too much time on the INTERNETZZZZ.

waynesworld December 12, 20127:39 PM

She too loves kittens.

waynesworld December 12, 20127:38 PM

Hi Mara Woods-Robinson ’16.

hermes December 12, 20127:38 PM

@Syed: <3333333

hermes December 12, 20127:37 PM

@waynesworld: Edit–he blessed someone who sneezed on the other side of the room.

Syed December 12, 20127:37 PM

@hermes + @waynesworld: Contrary to popular belief, some people actually do work in Olin during Finals.

Samira December 12, 20127:37 PM

@Hermes, how are you so good at memes?

waynesworld December 12, 20127:36 PM

He just blessed someone who sneezed. What a gentleman.
“Just because we’re stressed doesn’t mean we don’t have to be nice.”

hermes December 12, 20127:36 PM

waynesworld December 12, 20127:36 PM

Andrew Malkin ’15 just asked Hermes and I if he could sit with us. *insert Mean Girls joke here*

hermes December 12, 20127:35 PM

If anyone would like to claim the bag of unopened pretzels at my table, please feel free to stop by.

waynesworld December 12, 20127:34 PM

So far, we’ve gotten 456 hits on this liveblog. Huzzah.

hermes December 12, 20127:33 PM

Syed stopped by to say hi.

We told him to liveblog with us.

He claims he has “work.”

waynesworld December 12, 20127:31 PM

Syed, join us.

hermes December 12, 20127:29 PM

Okay, someone just inhaled REALLY LOUDLY in Olin.

hermes December 12, 20127:29 PM

I talked to someone today who slept through their German final.

waynesworld December 12, 20127:29 PM


Samira December 12, 20127:29 PM


waynesworld December 12, 20127:29 PM

What if I just slept through finals week?

Samira December 12, 20127:29 PM


Samira December 12, 20127:28 PM


Samira December 12, 20127:26 PM

Tanaya Srini ’15: “THIS IS SO BORING. I’M SO MAD.” I think that’s the general feeling.

hermes December 12, 20127:25 PM

Shout out to all the prefrosh who read this blog.

hermes December 12, 20127:25 PM


waynesworld December 12, 20127:24 PM

I can’t wait to troll the WesAdmits 2017 page.

hermes December 12, 20127:24 PM

And in honor of the new Girl Meets World pilot…

waynesworld December 12, 20127:24 PM

@Hermes 3 more days

hermes December 12, 20127:23 PM

When do Wesleyan’s ED notifications come out this year? Anyone know?

hermes December 12, 20127:23 PM

Ohhh Penn. How exciting.

Samira December 12, 20127:22 PM

@Hermes, Also Penn.

hermes December 12, 20127:22 PM

So apparently Duke’s early decision letters came out today…because there are legit 8 statuses on my Facebook about Duke.

hermes December 12, 20127:17 PM

Also, there’s this super awesome post-it note thing in the lobby of Olin.
Check it outtttt.

Samira December 12, 20127:10 PM

Liveblogging a TA session I haven’t done any of the reading for isn’t working out. Maybe this will be more successful during my Global Change TA session in an hour.

waynesworld December 12, 20127:07 PM

I just want to dance…

waynesworld December 12, 20127:06 PM

hermes December 12, 20127:06 PM

Reading so much Thought Catalog right now. Like OMG.

Zach December 12, 20126:59 PM

“If I Had a Carrell,” to be sung to the tune of “If I Had a Hammer.”

hermes December 12, 20126:59 PM

Dudes, find out what was most searched on Google this year.


waynesworld December 12, 20126:58 PM

I just watched an entire episode of HIMYM.
22 minutes well spent.

waynesworld December 12, 20126:57 PM


hermes December 12, 20126:56 PM

I wish I had a pair of legit headphones.
I feel like such a poser with my earbuds.

hermes December 12, 20126:55 PM

waynesworld December 12, 20126:55 PM

I just took a micronap and dreamed of the nap machine eating me.

hermes December 12, 20126:54 PM

Olin is so tame right now…it’s so strange…

hermes December 12, 20126:52 PM

If anyone would like to explain how a Justin Bieber song got on my iTunes, that’d be great thanks.

Samira December 12, 20126:50 PM

maximized**?? whoops

Samira December 12, 20126:50 PM

What are Pareto efficient points anyway?? (The point at which there are no trades that are mutually beneficial [utility is maximalized])

hermes December 12, 20126:49 PM

Zach December 12, 20126:49 PM

Alright, text me when you’re down to help (and where you’re at).

hermes December 12, 20126:48 PM

The Pastabilities guy is so sassy. I love it.

waynesworld December 12, 20126:48 PM


waynesworld December 12, 20126:47 PM

Southern Fried Chicken

Samira December 12, 20126:47 PM

@Zach: Classics is fried chicken and some rice. It’s pretty good. The grill is just regular stir fry. And yeah I’ve got 20 minutes to spare.

hermes December 12, 20126:46 PM

Okay, can everyone please type “kitten memes” into Google? Some of these memes aren’t cute or funny…they’re just disturbing…

Zach December 12, 20126:46 PM

Also, Hermes, what’s at the classics station? What’s at the grill? Tryna decide if the trek to Usdan is worth it.

Zach December 12, 20126:46 PM

Do you have like 24 minutes to spare tonight?

Samira December 12, 20126:45 PM

@Zach, I’d be down to recommend frostedmoose for life things

hermes December 12, 20126:45 PM

Maeve Russell ’14 just stopped by to hug me. Maeve’s beautiful golden locks are proof that she is an angel.

Also Maeve, you do not owe me candy.

But if you insist, I would prefer Sour Patch Kids.

Zach December 12, 20126:45 PM

I also should be working on a job recommendation for the esteemed frostedmoose right now. This is not a joke. Does anyone want to help with this task?

Zach December 12, 20126:44 PM

Things I’m doing instead of my thesis: helping my mom make a preliminary college list for my younger (11th grade) brother.

waynesworld December 12, 20126:43 PM

Dancing in the nap machine…

Samira December 12, 20126:42 PM

Concepts to think about: Welfare theorems
• equilibrium in a set of competitive markets is Pareto efficient
• If all agents have convex preferences, there will always be a set of preferences such that Pareto efficient allocation is a market equilibrium

hermes December 12, 20126:42 PM

hermes December 12, 20126:40 PM

@Samira: All I did today was discuss the origin of the word “ratchet.” I mean, I took an exam earlier, but whatever.

waynesworld December 12, 20126:40 PM

I would be down to walk to an animal shelter to pet some kittens right now. I love cats.

hermes December 12, 20126:39 PM

@Samira: Doitdoitdoitdoitdoit.

Samira December 12, 20126:39 PM

Today we’re discussing: Welfare economics, Marginalism, Utility theory, The problem of assumptions and value statements , and the Problem of obsession and abstract human feelings

Samira December 12, 20126:39 PM

I’m about to start liveblogging from my CSS Econ TA session. Hello.

hermes December 12, 20126:39 PM

@waynesworld: That’s what the 24-hour kitten livestream was for…kind of…

waynesworld December 12, 20126:38 PM

There should be therapy kittens and puppies, not just dogs.

hermes December 12, 20126:37 PM

Oh yeah, for peeps going to the ‘Dan for dinner: the cupcakes are good.

waynesworld December 12, 20126:34 PM


hermes December 12, 20126:34 PM

@waynesworld: Is the nap machine at least relaxing?

hermes December 12, 20126:33 PM

Also, shout out to Bruno Machiavelo ’16 who was supposed to drop by and visit me but decided that napping in his cozy bed was better.

And for those of you who don’t know Bruno, yes, his real name is in fact Bruno.

waynesworld December 12, 20126:33 PM

Speaking of great ‘staches:

waynesworld December 12, 20126:31 PM

Why are there so many unnecessary buttons on the nap machine?

hermes December 12, 20126:30 PM

Zach December 12, 20126:30 PM

Speaking of great ‘staches, frequent Wesleying commenter Jesse R-S ’13 has entered the main floor.

Zach December 12, 20126:30 PM

Vardan Gattani ’13 just walked by, fist-bumped me, and muttered, “I love the ‘stache.”

waynesworld December 12, 20126:29 PM

hermes December 12, 20126:28 PM

hermes December 12, 20126:27 PM

There are almost as many finals memes as there are presidential memes (more specifically, memes of Paul Ryan’s puppy dog eyes).

waynesworld December 12, 20126:27 PM

hermes December 12, 20126:26 PM

Too late.

hermes December 12, 20126:25 PM

If anyone has any good hand symbols for Ratchet Ratchet Pi, please let us know.

Zach December 12, 20126:25 PM

It’s probably a good thing that everyone at this table is wearing headphones and won’t yell at me for listening to “Lay Me Low” horrifyingly loud.

hermes December 12, 20126:25 PM

Also, Socket Wrench Epsilon has also been formed in recent days.

hermes December 12, 20126:24 PM

Correction: it is RRPi.

hermes December 12, 20126:24 PM

Just kidding, that made no sense.

waynesworld December 12, 20126:24 PM

Will Wesleyan ever oversee the founding of Ratchet House or Ratchet Ratchet Pi (Rho Rho Pi)?

hermes December 12, 20126:24 PM


waynesworld December 12, 20126:23 PM

It’s nappy.

hermes December 12, 20126:22 PM

@waynesworld: How’s the nap machine-ing going?

Zach December 12, 20126:22 PM

I forgot to mention that Benjamin actually sent me the final draft of his Wespeak because the Argus apparently ran an earlier (unfinished) draft. He wanted me to run it on Wesleying, but that seems unnecessary now that the Argus has the correct version online.

hermes December 12, 20126:22 PM

hermes December 12, 20126:20 PM

Other topic of conversation to bring up: what is the true meaning of the word ‘ratchet’?

Zach December 12, 20126:20 PM

Has everyone read his latest masterpiece? (Both comments are pretty stellar.)

hermes December 12, 20126:20 PM

Breaking: waynesworld is liveblogging from the nap machine.

hermes December 12, 20126:19 PM

@Zach: I’ll alert TMZ.

Zach December 12, 20126:19 PM

Minor campus celebrity Martin Benjamin ’57 just entered Olin and sat down at one of the PAC-side computers.

hermes December 12, 20126:17 PM

waynesworld and I were visited by both of Our Dear Leaders Zachs (of the Wesleying and WSA persuasions) in the library earlier.

waynesworld December 12, 20126:16 PM

Hi Zach.

hermes December 12, 20126:14 PM

So much struggle.

hermes December 12, 20126:13 PM

waynesworld and I are back after last week’s debacle known as the freaking Chapel Wifi aka the Wesleyan Thinks Big liveblog (great event, by the way).

waynesworld December 12, 20126:13 PM

I’m probs going to liveblog from the nap machine.

waynesworld December 12, 20126:12 PM

I am so tired.

hermes December 12, 20126:12 PM

Well, after some initial (hour and a half long) technical difficulties, our liveblog is up and running.

hermes December 12, 20124:41 PM

Loud peeps. Everywhere.

hermes December 12, 20124:38 PM


hermes December 12, 20124:36 PM

Hello hello.

hermes December 12, 20124:10 PM

Technical difficulties…

waynesworld December 12, 20124:01 PM


waynesworld December 12, 20123:58 PM

Finals coming up?
Hugs are in order.

waynesworld December 12, 20123:57 PM


hermes December 12, 20123:57 PM

So many MacBook Pros…

hermes December 12, 20123:55 PM

Already spotted some people hugging it out.

waynesworld December 12, 20123:54 PM

Bitches be hugging in Olin.

hermes December 12, 20123:54 PM

Hermes here. Woot.