Procrastination Destination: Micro Maniac

I now present to you Micro Maniac: because the best kind of procrastination is the pointless kind.

Despite the fact that this glorious web display was originally created as an advertisement for one of the many corporate conglomerates overtaking our nation, and that it dates back to 2007 [that’s like, what, the jurassic age of the internet (and it’s not even #tbt— since when is that a thing anyways?)], I’ve chosen to share this website with you because I’m sure you’ve always been wondering things like what exactly happens when you microwave a football?

If you, like my hallmates, enjoy microwaving the unexpected (fruitsnacks, anyone?), then this website is for you. Including both food items and various non-edible objects one might find in a college dorm room, Micro Maniac will unveil to you the many mysteries of the microwave  you’ve always been intent on solving. And you can make these wonderful discoveries without even leaving the comfort of your study space. The more exciting items appear toward the bottom of the page; shout-out to the crayons, the ketchup packets, and, my personal favorite, the christmas lights.

Tip: If you don’t want to sit through the whole microwaving period you can fast forward to the meltdown point of each item and beyond

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