Wesleyan Perpetuates One-Party Domination of “Democratic” Filmmaking Competition

The Ivy Film Festival’s 48 Hour Film Competition has appeared on this blog multiple times in recent years. The competition is open to teams of students based at colleges anywhere, and according to its website, claims the following motivations:

The time constraint of 48 hours energizes the filmmaking process and challenges students to put their visions into action. The result is a whirlwind weekend of filmmaking and the satisfaction of a finished product at the end. Our goal is to promote creativity and filmmaking, and to light the spark under hopeful filmmakers across the country.

While uninformed observers may find this “fun”, “cool”, or “generally a good idea”, the picture is not so simple. The critical thinking skills that my time at Wesleyan has bestowed upon me – and hopefully Wesleying readers – reveal something much more sinister. I’d like to start by looking at the winners of the 48 hour competition from past years.

And this brings us to the current year’s competition. Perhaps you can already guess the results?

  • 2012Glory, directed by Sora. Runner-up: Tourist Season, directed by Bogosian. Glory is embedded below, so you can sadly shake your head as you watch:

Once again, Wesleyan’s team wins top honors.  Congratulations are in order. Or are they?

I don’t know about you, but I know clear evidence of corruption when I see it. While the competition may appear to have some give and take between the Soracrats and the Bogosicans, in reality both “artists” are in the pockets of the same moneyed interests. Do the research yourself: is it or isn’t it a coincidence that they went to the same high school[citation needed]?

Clearly, this represents the death of film as an art form. The evidence is undeniable.

For those who thirst for more evidence (good!), we might want to look more closely at just who Sora’s collaborators – nay, co-conspirators – are. A private investigator I hired myself (at great expense, might I add) was able to ascertain, from Sora’s own documents, that his crew included Albert Tholen ’15, Adrien DeFontaine ’13, Danny Sullivan ’13, Hibiki Mizuno ’15, and famed actor and Wesleyan associate John Allison. Sullivan and DeFontaine, as you may have realized by now, are especially frequent conspirators. Do with these names what you will.

If the stubborn-minded fools of the Wesleying Board of Directors (take note: a ruling body that is NOT democratically elected) push forward with reporting on the results of this “competition” every year there is a Wesleyan entry, so be it; they had just better not expect me to do it for them. I’ll be fighting their complicity, as well as the sickening institution that is the Ivy Film Festival, from the streets. And staying as far away as possible from seedy diner bathrooms, thank you very much.

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  1. Big L

    Thank you BATTE GOD for revealing institutional bias as abruptly and unceremoniously as an aging whore removing her tattered and defiled garments, tossing them away with such radical indifference that for a moment you feel something almost akin to sorrow.

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