2012: A Very Wesleying Year In Review

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As the year draws to a close and we put away our “Congrats on surviving the Rapture… Again!” cards (until 2015, that is), it’s time to look back on life at Wes during the past twelve months.

In this nifty Year in Review, you will find an assortment of Wesleyan’s biggest debacles, triumphs, incidents, and protests from the year 2012 as told by the wonderful bloggers of Wesleying.

If anything, I hope this little post helps you regroup and remember that we go to a damn interesting school. Maybe it makes you appreciate Wesleyan more, maybe it just makes you reflect a little. Or maybe it makes you angry, I don’t know. But no matter what, I wish you all a happy, crazy awesome New Year.

A note before I begin: yes, I missed some things. It is a truly difficult task to fit all the fascinating/weird/emotionally-charged events that happen at Wesleyan and their subsequent Wesleying articles into a single post. Feel free to write about other big moments or your favorite Wesleying posts from 2012 in the comments section.

Second note: all of the Wesleying articles under “For further reading” are in chronological order (for the most part) from oldest to newest.

Last note: these events are in no particular order of importance, seriousness, or enormity.

Read after the jump to see what events made the Top 10 and what happenings are Honorable Mentions. Happy reading, brochachos. 


1. The debate over need-blind admissions.

If you don’t know what this is and are somehow affiliated with Wesleyan in any way, you must have been living under a rock. Since the decision last May, the fervor over keeping admissions need-blind (and the conversations about the university’s budget/endowment) have rocked Wes from the ground up. From the confusion over the “Don’t Discriminate” sign during Homecoming Weekend (where one student thought the sign read “Don’t Fornicate”) to the heated student interactions with President Roth and the Board of Trustees, the need-blind issue will definitely continue into the coming year as the first need-aware class is admitted.

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2. Barack Obama/#YOLObama/BrObama/ObamaFoYoMama gets re-elected… and (almost) everyone at Wes breathes a sigh of relief.

Enough said.

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3. 2012 becomes the “Year of the Liveblog.”

Although I told Our Dear Leader Zach that I would make this post more Wesleyan-centric and less Wesleying-centric, as a collective bunch, we bloggers liveblogged quite a bit. I mean, dear God, from two different library visits to blogging whilst sober, drunk, and high, it has been a banner year for Wesleying liveblogs.

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4. Benh Zeitlin ’04 makes a movie Oprah Winfrey loves.

From Oprah to Barack, everyone is obsessed with this film. Zeitlin’s Beasts of the Southern Wild started racking up a ridiculous number of prestigious film prizes back in January 2012 with the Dramatic Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. The film also went on to win the reputable Camera d’Or Award at Cannes and eight bazillion other prizes that I’m too lazy to list here. Zeitlin and one of his producers, Dan Janvey ’06, gave a super cool presentation at Wes back in November about their time making Beasts and their rise from Wesleyan students to critically acclaimed filmmakers.

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5. Nics armed robbery.

The armed robbery in the Nics questioned not only the safety of Wesleyan’s campus but also the University’s disciplinary actions towards students who have broken the law. The robbery was also followed by subsequent smaller robberies (though not related) throughout the rest of the school year. The 2012 fall semester was also filled with safety issues, including one weekend where there were four different P-Safe reports sent out to students within a 72-hour period.

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6. Hurricane Sandy hits Wesleyan…

…Totally kidding, that hurricane barely hit us. Unfortunately, one of our two campus ZipCars did not fare as well, as it was smashed by a fallen tree. Other highlights from Sandy@Wes include the ultimate frisbee game that took place during the middle of storm and the ridiculous about of EasyMac I consumed in 48 hours.

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roth-roth-roth 7. Racial/diversity/inclusion tension on campus.

After a slew of issues regarding interactions between P-Safe and students, a forum on campus diversity titled “Diversity University” took place in November and resulted in emotional stories, angry students from all sides, and a public apology from President Roth for basically being oblivious. The WSA formed the Committee for Inclusion and Diversity (which has already held a discussion on the term “student of color”), and the University is taking several other steps to improve racial tensions as well as diversity and inclusion issues on campus. Another large mention under the racial tension umbrella is the HOLI flyer incident that led to community-wide upheaval.

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8. Sexual harassment/assault: professor harassment and the Beta lawsuit.

Talk of sexual harassment/assault has been huge in the ‘Cac, especially after former Amherst student Angie Epifano wrote about how poorly the administration at the college treated her after her sexual assault. The Beta sexual assault lawsuit came out around the same time as Epifano’s piece, and so did an anonymous blog calling Wesleyan a “rape factory.” However, this was not the first time in 2012 that sexual assault/harassment was a topic of discussion at Wesleyan. Last spring, Nico Vitti ’12 publicly posted about the sexual harassment he suffered from a professor. The event caused outrage on campus.

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9. The number of dead animals showing up at Wesleyan increases after many years of dormancy.

But seriously, what the hell? The deer incident in December already caused enough of a online commotion (the initial post got over 2,400 views in less than 24 hours). The number of times the word “ratchet” was used with the word “deer head” was absurd. Then there was the sheep/goat carcass thing and that Long Lane deer. All I can say is, they put it in trash bags… like leftover brisket.

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10. Justice Scalia visits campus.

Scalia’s visit caused a stir to say the least. With angry Wespeaks, open protests, and a lot of jargon about “political diversity” being thrown around, it was a tough time for Wes.

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Honorable Mentions

1. One-Day Marriage event creates a collegiate uproar (and some Christian group at Cornell dedicates an entire prayer session to bringing clarity to the heathens at Wesleyan who are ruining the sanctity of marriage).

2. Khalif  “Le1f” Diouf  ’11 makes it to the big leagues.

3. Noro virus is a son of a bitch… two years in a row.

4. USA Today realizes we’re kinda good at this whole music thing.

5. The bookstore almost relocates… and then doesn’t.

6. Renovations take place in the Butts.

7. The bitches at US News and World Report rank Wes #17 amongst LACs… we bite our thumbs at you, sir.

8. Our Dear Leader Zach reaches his 1,200th Wesleying post… and the rest of the staff members eat a tub of Ben and Jerry’s to mask their sadness over their failings as Wesleying bloggers.

9. Coursera is now a thing.

10. Chalking is happening againkinda sorta maybe

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