Michael Roth Finds Self in Asia, Hints at “New January Programs”

Yes, that’s President Roth chilling in Korea’s Namsan Park with William Choi ’89. According to the @WesConnected Twitter, Roth is wandering through Asia between now and January 18 on a mission to find himself meet with “alumni and friends” for official Wesleyan business purposes:

You can follow along with Roth’s visit at this Facebook album, which also includes an image of Roth meeting with the Wesleyan Korea (WesKo) alumni group for a discussion of how Wesleyan can “continue to strengthen its global network, raise its visibility among prospect students in Korea, and make curricular advances while working in a more sustainable model.” Apparently more Presidential Receptions are planned in Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong and Bangkok. If you live in one of these cities, please go to one of these events and then send us a selfie with Michael Roth.

In other Roth Dog news, the president’s latest blog post comments on Wesleyan’s impossibly long winter breaks and hints at possible plans for “new January programs” that could definitely get in the way of your day-long Boys Meets World Netflix marathons: 

So, there isn’t much of a “break” for faculty and staff at this time of year, and yet we are thinking now about new January programs that would be compelling for students. We’ll be consulting with student groups, faculty and others to figure out how to make future Januaries at Wesleyan even more lively!

So what’s in store for future winter breaks? A new Winter Study (like Williams has) or Jan Term (that’s Colby) program? In The Cac seems to be speculating as much. In reply, WSA rep Jason Shatz ’14 confirms that break reductions are in consideration for the next academic calendar:

More on my wavelength, Ally Bernstein ’13 is just bummed that Roth’s dog Matilda hasn’t actually figured out how to blog yet, despite popular belief:

RIP, January of freedom. Okay, but actually, why would you watch the Golden Globes when you can just look at this picture of Matilda the Dog?

[Roth on Wesleyan]

Update: Love the all-caps congratulatory update for Beasts of the Southern Wild. Benh Zeitlin ’04 is the new Ben Goldwasser ’05, pass it on.

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6 thoughts on “Michael Roth Finds Self in Asia, Hints at “New January Programs”

  1. Freshman

    I would love this! Although an almost 6 week break seemed very enticing, truth is I am beyond bored at home. If wesleyan did something like Colby’s jan term program I would love Wesleyan way more.

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  3. Nick '85

    The funny thing is that the long breaks started as an energy-saving measure back in the late 70’s. Maybe they can just cut it down so y’all can get out earlier and find jobs.

    BTW, can the dog at least tweet?

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