Report: It’s Stupidly Cold at Wesleyan and Actually Getting Colder

Could this be a flashback to Winter 2011 at Wes?

Welcome back to Wesleyan, where Foss Hill is totally frozen and High Rise is scheduled to lose hot water pretty much any minute now. According to, which is calling this the coldest air of the season, it’s 18 degrees Fahrenheit right now in Middletown and going down to 12 degrees later tonight (which will feel like 0 with the wind chill). On the bright side, it’s supposed to warm up to a tropic 25 on Friday.

If you’re arriving in Bradley tonight from a warm locale like Florida or Los Angeles, consider boarding another flight home. If you’re thinking of going outside, consider not doing that:

Upperclassmen might recall the first weeks of Spring Semester 2011, when Wesleyan was repeatedly hammered by wintry weather that also cancelled classes and collapsed Middletown roofs. Could this be a repeat? So far, it’s mostly just the cold—there’s not much in the way of snow. But that can change quickly.

At any rate, WesKids are freezing, and possibly making themselves colder by taking their gloves off to tweet about it:

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Update 2: Okay, let’s just let the High Rise livefeed continue:

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