Exclusion and Consequences: A Two-Part Series

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Evan Okun ’13, Chantaneice Kitt ’13, Manny Rivera ’14, and Mckenzii Webster ’13 bring you a super awesome two-part series on diversity and inclusion:

Join us on Friday, January 25th for the screening of “Color Outside The Lines”, a documentary film by artist Miya Bailey and Director Artemus Jenkins. This film looks to provide a deep look into the history, culture, and lives of the world’s top black tattoo artists. From Atlanta to Amsterdam, the film in an important document of stories that will surprise, entertain, and educate. There will be a Q&A with Director Artemus Jenkins and featured artist Made Rich of Think Before You Ink Studios. Free dinner provided.

Date: Friday, January 25th
Time: 6pm
Place: Daniel Family Commons
Cost: Zero moneyzzz (plus FREE dinner)
Facebook: Hurrrr

Read about the awesome/crazy/coolio Part II of this event after the jump.

During the all-day Part II event on Saturday, January 26th, Wesleyan will host brilliant thinkers who are not granted “legitimacy” within the field of academia. Throughout the day there will be two panel discussions and an end of the day concert. Please submit questions to the panel via the Facebook event page. No tickets needed for the panel. Yes, tickets are needed for the concert ($5, will be sold in Usdan Thursday and Friday). The panel will feature DEAD PREZ, Sociology Professor Daniel Long, Chantaneice Kitt ’13, and Umi (a Wesleyan graduate associated with Dead Prez’s rap collective). Together they will discuss inequality in the American education system, problematizing the “University For All” rhetoric that dominates left- and right-wing discourse.

Date: Saturday, January 26th
Times: 1:30pm-3pm (panel), 9:30pm-1am (concert)
Places: Daniel Family Commons (panel), Psi U (concert)
Cost: $0 for the panel, $5 for the concert (Sold in Usdan on Thurs. and Fri.)
Facebook: All da waayyy

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