Planning Board Tables Zone Change to Block “Strip Mall” Development

On Monday we provided an update from the sexy and glamorous world of Middletown zoning policy. Dueling zoning change proposals had been filed, both concerning the fate of the proposed commercial development  on Washington Street. One comes from Robert Landino, the developer in question.The other is from Ed McKeon, a Middletown activist and blogger, seeking to block the “cookie-cutter strip mall.”

Today McKeon provides an update: his request has been tabled because he doesn’t own property in any ID zone. McKeon’s application has been sent to a city attorney for an “opinion,” but he’s not giving up:

In the meantime, I’m attempting to recruit any landowner in an ID zone willing to add their name to my application. It obliges them in no way, but allows me to make a full presentation as to why we should be preserving our historic residences, especially in the face of unnecessary and ugly commercial/retail development.

BTW, the developers, while not owners of property in an MX zone will be allowed to pursue a zoning change in that zone because they have an option on that property.

I would request Wesleyan staff and students ask the Wes admin to lobby against a further weakening of the already diluted MX zone.

The proposed development is only a block or so from campus buildings, and if last semester’s heated community forum showed us anything, it’s that the Wesleyan community is as involved in this drama as anyone. You can contact Ed McKeon at mieeyeed(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to take action. More on the zoning conflict here.

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  4. Enobong Etteh

    Really Middletown? You are so VEHEMENTLY against having a Starbucks and a Chipotle? But OH my GOD you’re going to damage the infrastructure of this thriving, vibrant city!! Oh wait..

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