Espwesso Opening Monday, Hiring Staff

Looks like we left the most important dining option of all out of our dining hours update. Forgive us. Jake Eichengreen ’13 saves the day with a picture of Chuck Norris:

Espwesso’s gonna be firing up the ol’ coffee grinder for the semester starting this coming Monday, 9pm-1am. Barring any unforseen gasmergencies we’ll be open our usual operating days/hours (Sun-Thurs, 9pm-1am) until Spring Break! Also, follow the cafe on Facebook for upcoming events, new coffees, and other cool things and stuff.

Also, to all you younger folks out there (2015 and 2016 folks) we’ll be conducting hiring sometime later this semester! Stay tuned.

Opening Date: Monday, January 28
Time: 9:00 p.m. – 1:00 a.m.
Place: Espwesso

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