WesBAM! Kids Yoga Teacher Training

kids doin yogaFrom newly published Shira Engel ’14:

Interested in teaching yoga to kids?

The WESBAM! JR KIDS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING is an incredibly fun, cOMmunal, accessible, and educational experience!

Training addresses teaching yoga to children in pre-school and elementary school. Whether you are seeking to incorporate what you learn into your current work with children or would like to apply to be a kids yoga teacher at Green Street, the WesBAM! Jr. Teacher Training will provide you with the information, tools, and inspiration necessary to begin doing so ASAP. The skills you will learn in this training will be highly relevant and valuable for a variety of settings you will find yourself in from here on out. This training will allow you to bring a holistic and embodied perspective to educational and recreational volunteer work/jobs now and in the future. NO TEACHING OR YOGA EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.

To find out more, join Shira Engel and Leigh Stewart for a FREE YOGA CLASS this Friday at 2pm in Fayerweather and we’ll answer all your questions!

Date: Friday, January 25
Time: 2 pm
Place: Fayerweather

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4 thoughts on “WesBAM! Kids Yoga Teacher Training

  1. Edea Krammer

    Great points!
    Here are some factors:
    Kids will learn to say “please” and “thank you,” make eye contact and say sorry when you need to. We do these factors not just to be respectful, but also to demonstrate other individuals that they issue and that they are worth respect.

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