View with a Room: The Bennet Baseball Bungalow

“But then [people] always say something to the effect of, ‘it’s going to suck to take this down’…”

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Seriously, the frosh this year have truly outdone themselves. Behold the sports-clad fortress in Fauver/Bennet belonging to Chris Caines ’16 and Tim Israel ’16 (yes, that is his last name). Their room has become quite the legend amongst 2016ers. The space has 2,500 baseball cards lining the walls (and another thousand to be added this semester) and a blowup penguin named Sebastian as its centerpiece (the product of a two-hour trip to Walgreens).

“Chris decided to put some cards up one day and it looked extremely cool,” Tim explains. “We started talking about the idea of doing all of the walls and told our parents to send us all of our cards from home.”

“People usually are very surprised and amazed,” Chris adds. “But then they always say something to the effect of ‘it’s going to suck to take this down’.”

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As for the question on everybody’s mind (How the #&@*$ are these guys going to take this stuff down?!), the dudes have an answer: “We’re going to give ourselves a few weeks at the end of school to take [the baseball cards] down so it doesn’t get too boring.”

Good luck with that…

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