New Music Video: Billionaire by Evan Okun ’13

A few months ago, I posted a link to a new song by some Wesleyan students and alumni called “Billionaire”. Today, I’m posting a video of the song, also produced by Wes students and alumni. The video involves Evan Okun ’13 (also known by his stage name E. Oks), Greg Shaheen ’13, Mel Hsu ’13, Sam Friedman ’13, and Garth Taylor ’12 riding some subways and serenading people in the streets.

The YouTube description lists four sources of inspiration:

(1) The inequality to which we’ve grown accustom (2) Mainstream radio stations which mistake capitalism for God (3) Dead Prez (4) Everything About Wesleyan University

Notably, number three on that list — Dead Prez — will be at Wesleyan today, Saturday, January 26. At 1:30 PM, they will be holding a panel on the education system in the Daniel Family Commons (DFC). Be sure to show up early to get a seat! Also, Dead Prez reportedly has a “zero tolerance policy for shit starting late.”

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