Dear Commonwealth at BuHo

Dear Commonwealth

Need a break after the first Monday classes of the semester? The band Dear Commonwealth, hailing from the less-vegan-friendly-than-us Oberlin College, will be playing at BuHo for your de-stressing pleasure, opened by Wes band Blackbird & The Cherry Tree. Noah Rush ’14 has specifics for you detail-oriented readers. Note that this event is part of an effort to preserve Buddhist House and other Washington Street houses:

Dear Commonwealth, made up of some of the finest musicians from Oberlin College, the Wesleyan of Ohio that is not Ohio Wesleyan, will be bringing their well-crafted minimalist folk songs to the Buddhist House library, a truly wonderful place that few ever get to view.

Blackbird & The Cherry Tree (Mel Hsu ’13 and Jess Best ’14) will be opening.

This event is the inaugural event of WeSad :( (Wesleyan Students Against Divestment), an organization dedicated to the preservation of Buddhist House and other Washington Street houses as a part of the Wesleyan community.

Come over, enjoy some music, sign our petition (if you like us).

Date: Monday, January 28th.
Time: 9 –11:30pm
Place: Buddhist House library
Cost: $0.00

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