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Equestrian Team Info Meeting


Graduate student Robert Redford has some good news for you, if good news for you comes in the form of a chance to join Wesleyan Equestrian Team (they get WET):

We’re a club team and we take riders of all skill levels (including beginners). We ride in weekly lessons and members also have the option of competing at intercollegiate horse shows. Come find out more at our informational meeting tomorrow evening!
Date: Tuesday, January 29th
Time: 9pm
Place: Woodhead Lounge

Resist with Style: Queer Wesleyan Shirts

imageDamn. Don’t you want that on your chest? If so, you’ll need $6 and a willingness to interface with cool people like Sophie Massey ’15:

In the 90’s and early 2000s the queer community made shirts. I’m trying to bring that back. I’m attaching the design that will be on the t-shirt. There are 3 shirt options: a black tank with white writing, a black t-shirt with white writing, or a pink t-shirt [Ed. note: !!!] with black writing.

The words are from the list Professor Greg Goldberg read at the discussion on same-sex marriage that he led. Virgil Taylor ’15 came up with the triangle formation.

They’re $6 and whoever is interested needs to fill out an order form. Here’s the link to the Facebook page.


Hit up the order form and send in your $6 by February 18 if you want the goodies. (You want them.)

Fencing Club Info Session and Open Practice


If you’ve ever had a childhood of any sort, you’ve probably fantasized about being Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride, or possibly Zorro, or maybe the Three Musketeers if you’re really classy.  Ali Rosenberg ’15 (no relation) writes in with an offer from W’Escrime to turn your daydreams into reality:

Whether you’re an accomplished swordsperson or just a fan of blunt
blades, join W’Escrime: The Wesleyan Fencing Club for an info meeting
and open practice this Tuesday from 7-9 p.m. in Beckham. No experience
or equipment necessary! Just bring long pants, comfortable shoes, and
your lovely faces.

Not to brag or anything, but I actually did fencing in high school.  It’s fun, and good exercise, and nobody will ever bully you again. Probably.

Date: Tuesday, January 29th.
Time: 7–9 pm
Place: Beckham
Cost: Free — unless, of course, you have six fingers on your right hand.
Facebook: As you wish.

New Group Auditions (Men)

This guy wishes he was in New Group

Andrew Hove ’15 seeks a male-identified-someone to soothe his soul with melodies:

You a dude? Tryna sing? Wanna get famous with a buncha fineass homies? New Group is looking for talented male singers (especially those with a knack for low notes). Auditions will be held this Thursday (January 31st) from 8-10pm in USDAN 136. Come prepared with a song (about 30 seconds worth) and a lil time to spare. See you then.

Date: Thursday, January 31
Time: 8pm – 10pm
Place: Usdan 136

24-Hour Study Space Party

24-Hour Study Space

I still can’t believe we finally have a 24-hour study space. I am beyond ecstatic.

From Chloe Murtagh ’15 and the WSA Organization and External Affairs Committee:

There’s nothing worse than getting kicked out of sci li at 2am (except maybe procrastinating that hard). The former is now history, as the WSA is excited to present you with a new 24-hour study space!!

To celebrate, we’ll be devouring baked goods in our new all-day, all-night, always-productive work space!

Come by the glass room of sci li – finally accessible through the sci li lobby – this Wednesday night between 10pm and midnight to rejoice in the ability to put off papers until 2am!

Sponsored by the WSA and the Wesleyan Library.

When: Wednesday (January 30th), 10pm – midnight
Where: The 24-hour Study Space
Facebook event for all da biddies

Guns, Guns, Guns: A Discussion with the Roosevelt Institute


Are you disturbed by recent shootings throughout these United States? Do you think the issue of gun violence in this country is good conversation material? Are you hankering for a civilized discussion about the future of this country? If your answer to any of these questions is yes (or maybe), Amy Davis ’13 has the perfect opportunity for you:

Our first meeting of the semester will be this Tuesday, January 29, at 7pm on the Usdan couches to discuss gun violence.  Coming off Aurora, Sandy Hook, and an exceptionally polarized election year, there’s no better time to talk about why and how these tragedies occur, what we as a nation should do about them, and the politics behind finding a solution.

Onomatopoeia Auditions


From Elisa Waugh ’13:

Come audition for Onomatopoeia, one of Wesleyan’s all-female a
cappella groups! Bring a song and your beautiful voice!

Auditions are on Tuesday, January 29th and Wednesday, January 30th from 7-9pm.

Date: Tuesday, January 29th and Wednesday, January 30th
Time: 7pm
Place: Usdan 110
Cost: The price of fame