Resist with Style: Queer Wesleyan Shirts

imageDamn. Don’t you want that on your chest? If so, you’ll need $6 and a willingness to interface with cool people like Sophie Massey ’15:

In the 90’s and early 2000s the queer community made shirts. I’m trying to bring that back. I’m attaching the design that will be on the t-shirt. There are 3 shirt options: a black tank with white writing, a black t-shirt with white writing, or a pink t-shirt [Ed. note: !!!] with black writing.

The words are from the list Professor Greg Goldberg read at the discussion on same-sex marriage that he led. Virgil Taylor ’15 came up with the triangle formation.

They’re $6 and whoever is interested needs to fill out an order form. Here’s the link to the Facebook page.


Hit up the order form and send in your $6 by February 18 if you want the goodies. (You want them.)

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