Livebloggin’ the 24-Hour Study Space Launch Party


Wesleying liveblogging is back and badder cooler weirder more kitten- and baby-filled than ever. Great news: we (as in the Wesleyan community) have a 24-Hour Study Space. Located in that weird glass room in SciLi, this awesomeness is open 24/7 to anyone who has a WesID and an I’m-pulling-an-all-nighter-to-finish-this-paper attitude.

Better news: tonight is the space’s launch party, featuring baked goods from the spiffy peeps of the WSA Organization and External Affairs Committee.

Stop by, mingle with your fellow students, and eat some good ass food, say hi to us (the loud noobs with the laptops), and pretend to like us as we try not to act like the most awkward people at this college.

Let the first liveblog of the Spring 2013 semester begin!

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