Livebloggin’ the 24-Hour Study Space Launch Party


Wesleying liveblogging is back and badder cooler weirder more kitten- and baby-filled than ever. Great news: we (as in the Wesleyan community) have a 24-Hour Study Space. Located in that weird glass room in SciLi, this awesomeness is open 24/7 to anyone who has a WesID and an I’m-pulling-an-all-nighter-to-finish-this-paper attitude.

Better news: tonight is the space’s launch party, featuring baked goods from the spiffy peeps of the WSA Organization and External Affairs Committee.

Stop by, mingle with your fellow students, and eat some good ass food, say hi to us (the loud noobs with the laptops), and pretend to like us as we try not to act like the most awkward people at this college.

Let the first liveblog of the Spring 2013 semester begin!

hermes January 30, 201311:30 PM

This is Wesleying (and Paul Ryan) signing off.

hermes January 30, 201311:30 PM

Stay tuned: we have some great liveblogs planned for this semester.
Like, legendary.
Like, holy shit.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:30 PM

Later y’all.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:29 PM

Anyway, the cake has been cut and eaten.

hermes January 30, 201311:29 PM

Well guys.
It’s been real.
Sorry we’ve been stuffing our faces with cake.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:29 PM

I did not ditch you. I was bringing you cake!

hermes January 30, 201311:27 PM

At least we had cake.

hermes January 30, 201311:27 PM

Ugh, this liveblog lacked so much memes/kittens/babies.
I’m sorry we let you guys down.

hermes January 30, 201311:25 PM

You peeps = missing out.

hermes January 30, 201311:23 PM

Paul Ryan is sad, too.

hermes January 30, 201311:22 PM

waynesworld has ditched me for cake.

hermes January 30, 201311:22 PM

There are four kids at a table who are all on Facebook.

hermes January 30, 201311:20 PM


hermes January 30, 201311:20 PM


hermes January 30, 201311:20 PM

It’s someone’s birthday.
There is cake involved.

hermes January 30, 201311:20 PM

It ended.
Never mind.

hermes January 30, 201311:20 PM


waynesworld January 30, 201311:19 PM

Placing $5 for Sophie.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:19 PM


waynesworld January 30, 201311:19 PM

A fight has occurred.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:19 PM

Ross Levin ’15: “Sophie and I would have fought to get into this liveblog.”

hermes January 30, 201311:17 PM

I was a B@D@$$ G1RL SC0UT B1TCH.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:16 PM

My friend back home is a Girl Scout, a Boy Scout, AND an Adventure Scout.

hermes January 30, 201311:16 PM

I actually won the cookie badge for selling 150 boxes of cookies as a five year-old.

hermes January 30, 201311:15 PM

True story: I was a Girl Scout until my family relocated and there was no Girl Scout troop in our new town.
Sad day bro.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:15 PM

If the Cardinal shows up, I might cry.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:14 PM


hermes January 30, 201311:14 PM

I swear it’ll be cool. Girl Scouts honor.

hermes January 30, 201311:14 PM

I will give $5 to anyone who runs into the study space, sticks their hands in the cake, takes a chunk of it, and runs out.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:14 PM

Shout out to the 166 views of this liveblog!

hermes January 30, 201311:12 PM

Cake has not yet been cut.
Students getting restless.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:12 PM

I love Disney animated short films:

hermes January 30, 201311:11 PM

Sam Usdan ’15 and his picnic blanket-patterned shirt are leaving the study space.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:10 PM

A lull has passed over the 24/7 Study Room.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:10 PM

It’s so quiet.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:10 PM

Reading Ubu Roi
The antagonist/antihero is called PAPA TURD.

hermes January 30, 201311:09 PM

More studying.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:06 PM

What if this became a silent rave party?

hermes January 30, 201311:06 PM

Trisha Arora ’16 just sent me this link on Facebook.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:05 PM

I miss Zoboomafoo.

hermes January 30, 201311:05 PM

I can feel Zach of the Wesleying Variety walking over here right this minute to take away our Wesleying credentials.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:04 PM

“When are they going to cut that cake?”

hermes January 30, 201311:04 PM

Grant Tanenbaum ’15 is sassy-wearing the shit out of that beanie.

waynesworld January 30, 201311:04 PM

I was LITERALLY about to post that!
hermes and I are the same person.

hermes January 30, 201311:03 PM

Sam Usdan ’15, famous for his appearance in the video “Like Leftover Brisket”, is resting his head on a Snapple bottle.

hermes January 30, 201311:01 PM

Grant Tanenbaum ’15 is being as sassy as ever.

hermes January 30, 201311:00 PM

Peeps be talkin’ about math.

hermes January 30, 201310:59 PM

10:58pm Update: Cake still has not been cut.
There is still an opportunity for you to walk over here and eat it.

hermes January 30, 201310:58 PM

People still trying to study.

hermes January 30, 201310:57 PM

Fun fact: ZMalts ’13 once spent 6+ hours in a car with waynesworld and myself driving to and from New Hampshire. Much respect to him.

waynesworld January 30, 201310:56 PM

Sophie Massey ’15: “Put me in the liveblog. AHHHHHHH!”

hermes January 30, 201310:56 PM

Awkward moment #495892384: Zach Malter ’13 (aka Our Dear WSA Leader Zach) thought our post for Our Dear Wesleying Leader Zach (the one that included facepalming) was addressed to him. LOVE YOU ZMALTS <33333

hermes January 30, 201310:52 PM

Hey, all 137 of you who have viewed this liveblog: COME PARTY WITH US.

hermes January 30, 201310:48 PM

Some of the OEAC members who put this shindig together. Hollaaaaaa.

waynesworld January 30, 201310:46 PM

24Happy 24-hour study room y’all!

This is the red velvet cake that the Organization and External Affairs Committee made last night!

hermes January 30, 201310:45 PM


hermes January 30, 201310:41 PM

It got hella silent all up in here.

hermes January 30, 201310:38 PM

@curious commenter: Red velvet, apparently.

hermes January 30, 201310:38 PM

Martin Malabanan ’16 to Val Demuynck ’16: “I like your indigenous costume.”

waynesworld January 30, 201310:37 PM

Grant Tanenbaum ’15 to hermes and me: “you both are surprisingly funny”

Suprisingly? HA!

hermes January 30, 201310:33 PM

There is cake.
All of you: get over here NOW.

hermes January 30, 201310:33 PM

Nick Cousar ’16 just wants to know when the cake is being cut.

waynesworld January 30, 201310:32 PM

Miranda Haymon ’16 and Val Demuynck ’16 have arrived. They’re doing the honey boo boo dance!

Honey Boo Boo

hermes January 30, 201310:31 PM

There’s some Honey Boo Boo dancing/twerking all up in this study space.

hermes January 30, 201310:28 PM

Bitches be chattin’ it up about international politics.

hermes January 30, 201310:27 PM

I can feel Our Dear Leader Zach facepalming it up hardcore right now, wherever he may be.
(Hi Zach –Love, hermes and waynesworld)

hermes January 30, 201310:25 PM

Want to get the same stylish blazer as Alton Wang ’16? Check it out.

waynesworld January 30, 201310:25 PM

Kate “Cutie Q” Davis ’16 is sporting her WesCrew patty, a crimson gap sweater, H&M jeans (that she got fo’ free), and some cute boots!

hermes January 30, 201310:22 PM

Chloe Murtagh ’15 is socializing it up with her bros.

hermes January 30, 201310:19 PM

Cheers to the commenter who wrote “I’m watching you” with this GIF attached:

waynesworld January 30, 201310:18 PM

Grant Tanenbaum ’15 just spilled some soda. #partyfoul

hermes January 30, 201310:18 PM

Hannah Norman ’16 to Kate “Saltemus” Cullen ’16: “Wow, you’re right, this event is pretty happening.”
Yeah guys, you should all be here.

hermes January 30, 201310:17 PM

You know who would love an event like this?
Paul Ryan.

waynesworld January 30, 201310:15 PM

Quiet study room?
That’s about to change.

hermes January 30, 201310:15 PM

Here’s a kute kat.

waynesworld January 30, 201310:14 PM

Chloe Murtagh ’15 walks in with a brownie in her striped sweater, brown cords, and some boots of da woodlands.

hermes January 30, 201310:14 PM

More peeps giving us death glares.

hermes January 30, 201310:12 PM

Austin Dong ’15 sits quietly in a corner to eat his delicious brownie. I wonder how long it’ll take him to realize that I’m staring at him.

hermes January 30, 201310:11 PM

Proportion of WSA peeps doing CSS?

hermes January 30, 201310:10 PM

So much CSS talk.

waynesworld January 30, 201310:09 PM

Bring out the Wes Celebs!

hermes January 30, 201310:09 PM

Cue: dirty looks from people actually trying to study.

hermes January 30, 201310:08 PM

This event is more happening than the Oscars. I feel like we’re red carpet-watching.

hermes January 30, 201310:07 PM

Kate “On Top of Her Game/Leading the Pack/Keepin’ It Klassy/Salty” Cullen ’16 is in da haus.

waynesworld January 30, 201310:06 PM

For anyone who loves kittens:

waynesworld January 30, 201310:04 PM

I feel like I’m on display.

hermes January 30, 201310:03 PM

Nicki “The Softy” Softness ’14 just brought some more hooligans into the study space.

waynesworld January 30, 201310:02 PM

Mari Jarris ’14 just announced that everyone is welcome to eat the treats. LET THE SNACKING/STUDYING begin!

let them eat cake

hermes January 30, 201310:01 PM

Bruno’s greeting to us: “Hey, creatures of the woodland kingdom!”

hermes January 30, 201310:00 PM

Legendary Wesleying liveblog celebrity Bruno Machiavelo ’16 has entered the space.

waynesworld January 30, 20139:59 PM

Hi 24-hour Study Room! I’m here now.

hermes January 30, 20139:58 PM

Awkward moment when people start leaving the 24-Hour quiet study space because we’re being too loud.

hermes January 30, 20139:57 PM

He is also saving a cupcake for his roommate Mitchell Stone ’16, whose name sounds like the protagonist of a superhero comic book.

hermes January 30, 20139:55 PM

Everyone: JOIN US.

hermes January 30, 20139:55 PM

He just handed me a delicious cupcake.

hermes January 30, 20139:54 PM

Hermes here. My homedawg waynesworld is on his way.