Wes Seniors Release Video, Prove that Stuffed Animals Are Still Cool in College

The latest touching dog movie to hit the YouTubes is quickly gaining popularity for its originality and authentic homegrown Wesleyan flair, though this one unfortunately doesn’t star Dave Matthews. In what may or may not be an effort to prove the haterz wrong, resident canine enthusiasts Matt Lichtash ’13 and Evan Weber ’13 have produced a swagtastic video chronicling Weber’s journey to the Wesleyan package window with his mayne Shadow, a gloriously plush stuffed dog whose preferred mode of transportation is a fine set of wheels. Intentionally or otherwise, this at times hilarious, at times heart-wrenching short piece definitively answers the question that’s been plaguing our generation: Is it considered derpy to keep stuffed animals in my dorm?? :/

Expert cinematography on Lichtash’s part frames what just might be the next Great American YouTube Clip About Someone’s Stuffed Dog. At the risk of entering spoiler territory, I will reveal to you only this: the package finds its rightful owner well. But the adventure has only just begun.

An insider source exclusively revealed that this groundbreaking development in cinema has already caught the attention of Evan’s mom, who “liked it so much as to post its link on her Facebook page.” The film is additionally rumored to have received a rating of 5 stars from DJ Darkslope’s mother.

At its core, “My Best Friend Shadow” is a tale of journeys, their destinations (wherever they may be), and the deep love one often feels for one’s crew. If you felt overwhelmed the last time you carried a buncha packages back from The Usdans, imagine waiting in that line while pulling a stuffed canine around on a skateboard. Heartbreaking. Yet so hopeful.

(If you’re wondering whether the last fight I had with my mom was a result of my refusing to let her put my 70 stuffed animals in bags, the answer is yeah, I ain’t even mad tho.)

A petition for Weber’s character to white-fang Shadow in the sequel can be signed this Thursday and Friday in Usdan.

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