While You Were Asleep…


Connecticut got reeeallll windy all o’ a sudden. Constant 25-to-40 mph windy. Gusting to over 65 mph windy. Windy enough to take down trees and inflict significant damage to property or lost persons wandering the night.

So windy, in fact, that the National Weather Service issued a High Wind Alert for most of Southern Central Connecticut, effective until 9 a.m. this morning.

My early morning tour of campus did not turn up any evident damage other than a few downed tree branches, and by then the wind had died down to a normal gusty day. By comparison, the wind at 4:30 a.m. this morning was enough to wake three-fourths of my apartment as we frantically tried to stem the flow of water through the shut and locked sliding glass door to our apartment (wink wink PhysPlant).

I am somewhat curious whether Public Safety considered emailing out an Advisory, given the quite hazardous potential impacts for those outside (including P-Safe Officers) despite the early morning nature of the event.

Full details of the High Wind Alert here. I’m not sure how long that link will stay stable, so I’ve provided a screenshot after the jump:


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