Repost: A Very Wesleying Recrootment

This is a repost of our fall recruitment post. Same rules apply. Our blog could be your life.

Hey, readers. Wesleying’s pretty low-staffed lately (update: just kidding, we have some underclassmen now), and to make matters worse, a whole bunch of us are graduating this coming May. So it goes. Wesleying underwent a pretty wild generational shift back in 2010, when Sheek exited and handed over the reigns, and as it finishes up its seventh academic year, it’s going to have to weather another one in 2013. That’s where you step in.

We bloggers exited the WiFi confines of our cyberspace existence yesterday in September to get some sunlight and schmooze in flesh-and-blood form at the Student Activities Fair. Frankly, it was pretty weird. People don’t really think of Wesleying as a group of humans, as normal students—we’re just a thing that’s out there, online. And it turns out there are a lot of freshmen reading. One girl bragged that Wesleying is pretty much why she applied ED. Another declared, “I’ve been reading this blog for so long, and I’m only a freshman!” Another claimed to have read every Wesleying post, which is pretty impressive, considering there are over 11,000. We’ll be materializing again tomorrow, and here’s your chance to keep the blog alive.

There’s a whole lot of text below the jump, so here’s the short of it: Wesleying is recruiting. We’ll be having a formal recruitment meeting tomorrow, February 2, at 3:30 p.m. in 41 Wyllys, Room 112. We’re looking for bloggers, journalists, writers, photographers, interviewers, social media types (help run our Twitter!), homespun Wes historians, videographers, internet addicts, Photoshop fiends, and web design wizards—whatever. Frosh especially welcome. If you love Wesleying and want to help make it the weird, irreverent, and colorful media space it has become—or if you just like blogging in your underwear—please stop by. In the immortal words of The Great Sheek, “All you need is Internet access, the ability to string sentences together coherently, and an interest in life at Wesleyan as it is, was, and might be.”

Can’t make the meeting? Send an email to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org with “Recruitment” in the subject line. Tell us a little about yourself, any blogging experience you have (it’s fine if you don’t), and why you want to join Wesleying. We’ll be in touch.

Wesleying is Wesleyan’s premier, and most popular, student blog. We are an entirely student-run, student-funded, student-supported blog. We’ve been kickin’, in some form, since founding in 2006 by fairy godmothers Holly and Xue. We want more bloggers. Blah blah blah blah blah. All class years and blogging experience levels welcome. We’re especially hunting for enthusiastic photographers and videographers, news bloggers, internet addicts, photoshop fiends, Wes history fanatics, and web design wizards. No commitment necessary. Here’s a little bit more gratuitous information from previous recruitment drives:

Wesleying was created as a student-driven space to promote a sense of community on campus, and we hope we’ve helped do so over the past three years.  Now that we’re settled here on our new site and processing events won’t be as time-sucking as before, we’re bringing the focus back to content.

As a Wesleying blogger you can be part of Wesleyan’s most frequently read media source, with the potential to shape campus discourse and the ability to keep Wespeople informed and entertained… and procrastinating. Wesleying is as good as whatever its contributors put into it, so let us know what you’ve got.

Do you know or have a lot to say about Weslife? Do you or people you know do cool stuff on/around campus? Do you want to break news as it happens? Do you take sweet campus photos? Do you like to Photoshop things? Are you into Wes music, and can you describe it in words?  Are you a human filter for Internet media? Do you know your memes? Are you a news junkie with an eye for things relevant to us at Wes? Do you possess keen wit and/or discerning taste? Do you write good? Does weird/messed up shit happen to you or your friends sometimes; wanna talk about it?

Are you into digging up forgottenpieces of Wes history? Do you know secret things? Do you explore little-known, little-seen parts of campus? Is campus deconstruction second nature after you took Intro Sociology? Do you have more opinions than your friends can bear to listen to? Do u miss wen we used 2 speak LOLspeak? Do you miss yesteryear’s Wesleyan weirdness; wanna bring it back/keep it going? Do you think things just aren’t the same as they used to be? Do you want to keep up the kind of content we’ve been posting over the years? Do you have a perspective you think we’re missing, or have been neglecting lately? Are you just REALLY EXCITED TO BE HERE??

Do you like to take pictures of half-naked Wes students . . . and paste Michael Roth’s face on top?

Do you like to procrastinate . . . by helping other students procrastinate?

Do you carry a camera with you at all times  . . . without entirely knowing why?

Do you dig through ancient Argus archives . . . so you can make fun of people who totally graduated, like, twelve years ago (but somehow still manage to comment on the post)?

Do you think the atmosphere is a way less exciting place than . . . the blogosphere?

Do you think blogging about blogging is, like . . . totally meta and shit?

Do you think that mocking the nauseating Wesleyan Admissions site is  still funny ten months later?

Date: Saturday, February 2
Time: 3:30 pm – whenever
Place: 41 Wyllys, Room 112


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