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Survey: Classical Musicians and Improvisation


Nathan Shane ’13 wants to pick your brain about music:

If you have learned classical music at some point in your life, or you are learning it now, then please take this survey! By conducting this survey, I hope to gather information for my undergraduate thesis, the topic of which is improvisation in classical music education. I will ask you questions about your music education, music in your life today, and your thoughts on improvisation. If you have 30 minutes, I would appreciate your participation a lot!

Here’s the link to the survey.

Contact: nwshane(at)wes
Deadline: February 28

Vocal Debauchery Auditions

Haters Gonna Hate

From Cade Leebron ’14:

Dear Friends, Fans, and Freshmen (and every other class year too but we like alliteration),

We’re looking to get even more debaucherous, which we can only do with your help! If you can sing, and if you’re funny, hey let’s be friends! Stop by the Music Studios basement between 3 and 5 on Sunday (today) or 4:30-6:30 on Thursday! We’ll be the room full of people. All you need is a song to sing and a joke or funny story to tell (or another way to make us laugh). SOPRANOS AND BEATBOXERS are a thing we’re especially interested in, but everyone should come show us their stuff. Keep your clothes on, though.

Vocal Debauchery
PS if you for some reason can’t make the audition times, email and we’ll try to make things work

Blood Drive


From Jackie Freed ’15:

What: Blood Drive
When: Tuesday 2/5 and Wednesday 2/6 from 12pm – 5pm
Why: Because you made a New Year’s Resolution to do more good and have been too busy to actually do it! Now is your chance!

If you have not yet signed up for the drive, go online or stop by Usdan tonight during dinner or during brunch this weekend to make an appointment. Again, we really appreciate your generosity and hope to see you next week!

This drive is sponsored by the Wes Sigmas, the Inter-Greek Council*, the Center for Community Partnerships, and the WSA.

To sign up online: