SuperPuppy Game Dish Liveblog

Reyonce Puppy Bowl

Argh classmateys, how are y’all doin’ today, hur? I hope you’re ready for today’s big game (if you know what I mean), because we’re liveblogging it. Not sure if you want to read the opinions of a bunch of clueless casual football observers expert sports analysts? Then maybe you’ll want to read our opinions on the nation’s premier puppy event instead.

Whatever your tastes may be, let the writers at Wesleying fill your evening with smiles, witty banter, and horrifying Beyoncé/Michael Roth hybrids. Liveblog entries will appear after the jump.

EDIT: You can get your Bowl fixins here. This is a service provided by the university to students, and it’s free. It’s still in beta though, so it may not be as reliable as cable/airwave broadcasts. This only works on a wired connection and wesstudent.

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