Photos: Sinkane and Dreamhost Shake up Eclectic

Photos by Rachel Pincus '13.

Saturday night was a great night, at least for Eclectic, where nothing wrong happened and no idiots decided to pull a fire alarm. First the room was showered by the 80s rock/synth-pop of Dreamhost (Dylan Bostick ’13), who coupled his great music with a great show, adding fans, a strobe, and dancers. Sinkane, led by multi-instrumentalist Ahmed Gallab, who has played in Of Montreal, Caribou, and Yeasayer, took the stage and successfully made me and many others dance furiously to their dub-esque dance music.

Sinkane’s set was full of dance music reminiscent of Fela Kuti, sustaining heavy grooves and thick textures of guitars, synths, and talk boxes piled on top of each other. If anyone remembers Zongo Junction at BuHo (and honestly how could you forget the show where half the horn section literally walked on the front of the crowd?), it instantly becomes obvious where at least some of Sinkane’s groove comes from because the drummer and the bassist cross over occasionally, no doubt bringing some of the groove from one band to another. All that combined with the soft and simple three-part vocal melodies contrasting with the rhythmically complex… well… everything made for a vibe that, at the same time, moved the crowd with intense heart-thumping dance beats and put us in a slow trance brought upon by the smooth vocals. All in all, even though the set was short, Sinkane was able to stuff in a whole lotta groove, and gain a whole lot of fans. Photos and music links appear below.

If you haven’t gotten yourself familiar with Sinkane, I highly recommend you snuggle up with his discography found here. Of course, you should also find your way to Wes’ own Dreamhost to pick up his music at his Bandcamp.

All photos by Rachel Pincus ’13.


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