Hazal Muhtar ’14 and Edgar Pliaskis ’14 bring you an event that sounds like Wes Thinks Big on roids:

As a valuable member of Wesleyan community, you are cordially invited to the 1st annual TedxWes conference at Wesleyan University  between 7-9 February, 2013. The main purpose of this conference is to provide an intellectual learning experience in an innovative atmosphere for a period of three days which will involve numerous  talks given by the Wesleyan faculty.

Date: Thursday, February 7th through Saturday, February 9th
Time: See schedule above
Place: PAC001/002

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2 thoughts on “TedxWes

    1. hollabackgrrrl

      Wes Thinks Big Spring 2013! March 28th. There’s always room for more academic discourse in the Wes community ;) :) :P :> :!

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