Liveblog: Brendan O’Donnell ’14 Tells Stories in WestCo Cafe

Brendan, being all photogenic and shit.

Greetings, readers. We’re reporting to you live from WestCo Cafe, where the esteemed and honorable Brendan O’Donnell ’14 is about to delve deep into the tales of his triumphs and travails in Chile last semester. If you’re not sure why this is a thing, here’s a bit of context from our event post this afternoon:

Some weeks ago, when Brendan O’Donnell ’14, otherwise known as BZOD, otherwise known as The King of Friends, made his triumphant return from Chile, I joked that he had so many people to catch up with, he should just have one huge catch-up session and get it all out at once. He replied that he was actually thinking of booking the CFA Hall for similar purposes (and our readers enthusiastically approved). Instead, he has opted to reserve WestCo Cafe.

According to Brendan, he declined to invite Michael Roth ’78, “and his dog was less than responsive.” Roth or no Roth, if you can’t make the event yourself, our livelog updates will appear past the jump.


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