First ACLU Meeting of the Semester


From the enigmatic, golden-haired Angus McLean ’16:

Are looking to get that pesky government off your back? Come on down to WesACLU’s first meeting of the semester and join the fight for freedom. We have a whole bunch of issues to discuss from immigration to political prisoners to whatever you want to bring to the table. We’re planning on bringing in a speaker, making petitions, and if that isn’t enough to stir your blood there might even a demonstration in the works!

We’re still a relatively new group on campus so new members are very welcome!

Date: Friday, February 8th
Time: 4pm
Place: Usan 114
Cost: Free. Like America.

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3 thoughts on “First ACLU Meeting of the Semester

  1. TheOutragedGhostofRogerBaldwin

    “Get that pesky government off your back”? The ACLU =/= the tea party.

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