Hold Yer Horses, Drunkards: Classes Not Cancelled Yet


Sources have been in contact with Middletown Patch, who just posted an article about blizzard closings and included Wesleyan classes tomorrow. The University has yet to make any announcement regarding the impending blizzard, but the Patch promptly removed Wesleyan from its list and apologized for the confusion.

In the trustworthy words of WSA Finance and Facilities Committee Chair Andrew Trexler ’14, “I’ve been in and out of the President’s Office all day and haven’t heard a peep about canceled classes. Sorry, gang.”

So keep the shot glasses and chasers in the cupboards, you winebibbers—classes are not cancelled yet. Further updates when King Roth the Righteous sends further dispatch to his kingdom. In the meantime, prepare yourselves for the Nemo memes.

Update, 10:16pm: Read after the jump to see the all-campus email the administration just sent out concerning classes tomorrow.

To the Wesleyan Community:

As you probably know, the weather forecast is for snow building throughout the day tomorrow. Wesleyan is monitoring the storm forecasts closely, and we will review the situation as it develops. At this point, we expect Friday classes to meet as scheduled, and we will provide information tomorrow morning about any changes in campus services.

In anticipation of a snow parking ban, students should move vehicles off city streets and into student lots. Students should check email for notices of individual class cancellations from their professors.

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