Weather Recap/Update: Nemo Just Keeps Swimming

You knew I was going to make a Nemo pun. At least I didn’t do it in dubstep.


Well peeps, my Floridian senses are no longer tingling; they’re just frozen solid. Oh, and here’s a comprehensive list of what the fuck is going on with the nemopocalypse/blizzardpocalypse/MONSTERBLIZZARDKANYE/#nemo:

  • The university does some email damage control after last night’s Middletown Patch debacle.
  • We keep getting shit tons of emails. And Dean Mike reminds us that, in case you didn’t know, there’s a blizzard coming.
  • Lots of dining options and on-campus events are cancelled. Half-burnt Usdan pizza at 4pm, anyone?
  • Everyone keeps ending every email with “as long as we still have power”.
  • Update on the current Usdan situation from Stephanie Ling ’16: “It’s a clusterfuck.”
  • Buzzfeed dedicates an entire blizzard post to Nemo GIFs. We all knew this was coming.
  • At least blizzard specialists of have a sense of humor; they once named a snowstorm “Gandolf”.
  • The storm is really set to pick up around 8-9pm tonight.
  • Lots of storm pixxxxx.
  • There’s a great abundance of twatting going on.

Terrible Nemo memes after the jump.




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