Acts of Heroism in a Snowpocalypse

The view from Senior Fauver, as photographed by Tuna yesterday afternoon.

The view from Senior Fauver, as photographed by Tuna yesterday afternoon.

This morning we received in our tipbox an account, from an anonymous reader, of a rather heroic rescue that took place late last night, during blizzard conditions:

Last night, a bunch of my friends and I saw a figure muddling through the blizzard. He collapsed in the snow, and did not get up. Julia Holewinski ’15, wearing just a sweater, immediately ran outside and hauled the man inside with some difficulty. He was clearly extremely intoxicated, and his eyelashes were frozen solid. We think his name is [removed] (class of ’14). If Julia hadn’t had the presence of mind and physical strength to drag him inside, he probably would have died in a snowdrift.

Besides applauding Holewinski for her courageous rescue, this seems like an opportune time to remind you that if you feel the need to get wasted during blizzard conditions (which is all fine and good), drink responsibly and don’t go wading through snow alone at night. If you spot an obviously smashed friend attempting to stumble home alone through snow drifts and heavy winds, walk with them or offer them your couch. Sorry to get all mom on you all of a sudden.

Speaking of snow rescues, pyrotechnics post this morning noted that some students (especially in Lo-Rise) are quite literally unable to open their front doors because of the Alaskan-style snow drifts.Walking through Exley, I had to wait for P-Safe Officer Bostick to brush aside two or three feet of snow so I could squeeze my body just barely through the front door. On Facebook, Christopher Kylin ’84 encouraged us to “organize people to free their fellow students by digging their doors out.” I like that idea. If you’re up for shoveling and you notice your neighbors haven’t emerged from their house in the past, say, 15 hours, consider lending a friendly hand. And if you are in fact trapped inside by snow, post your location in the comments so others know where to find you.

Speaking of heroism, here is a gallery of WesKids sledding, freestyle skiing, and generally frolicking on Foss this afternoon:

Update: Apparently Foss isn’t the only place students are skiing. Shout-out to whoever pulled this off:

Additional ski photos by Zach Sporn ’15 and Ethan Young ’13.

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