Informational Meeting for PostWes, a New Blog

Ross loves Scalia

Ross Gormley ’13 writes in with an opportunity for students who want to help to develop a new website for the Wesleyan community. He has also, once again and apropos of nothing, included a picture of Antonin Scalia:

PostWes is seeking students wishing to get experience designing/building/maintaining a blog. The blog is simple. Alumni submit their stories and undergraduates see what life after wes is like. The goal is to have PostWes be a valuable resource to current undergraduates while having successive waves of graduating students post their own stories.  PostWes and the Wesleyan TypeClub are seeking Comp Sci majors, graphic designers, bloggers, or curious students looking to contribute in anyway! We love all of you and your ideas!

The informational meeting will take place at Espwesso this Tuesday at 9pm.

Date: Tuesday, February 12
Time: 9:00 PM
Place: Espwesso (Basement of Albritton)

Read the mission statement for the new blog after the drop:

“The goal of PostWes is to increase transparency between the Wesleyan undergraduate experience and and post-graduate life beyond the bubble. While the CRC has wesconnect and binders full of records on “job titles” and “salaries”, these resources seem sterile and clinical. They don’t tell the real story. PostWes will make the real world more accessible and less daunting to undergraduates by way of graduates posting their own PostWes experiences. Whether it’s advice about how to best crash on you friends’ couches without pissing them off or the minutiae of crafting a cover letter for your next job at Bear Stearns, we’ll have the whole story.”

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