Middletown Potluck Meeting

Is this politically correct?

Righteous dudes Ari Ebstein ’16 and Bulelani “Jills” Jili ’16 write in with news of a new student group seeking to forge new bonds and strengthen existing relationships between Weskids and Middletown residents. Interested? Peep the following:

come to our first meeting, we’re trying to not suck
rather bring all together with community pot lucks
pot stickers, pot pies, pot brownies and more!
we’ll welcome one and all with an open front door
Middletown Potlucks is a group dedicated to organizing potluck dinners between Wesleyan students and Middletown residents. With the goal of creating community one dish at a time, we seek to develop meaningful relationships with our neighbors over common meals and shared stories. Tired of learning about social justice and diversity solely in the classroom? Then come to our first meeting and help us get this ball rolling. We’re a new group, so we need all the volunteers and energy we can. See you there! :)

Date: Tomorrow, February 12
Time: 9 pm
Place: 200 Church
Cost: Free your mind and your ass will follow

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