“Ivy-League Whorehouse” Round-Up: VC vs. WBC Match Feb. 28

VC vs. WBC - Championship Match Feb. 28In case you missed it, Wesleyan has missed yet another opportunity for ranking and recognition.  We might not care about U.S. News or The Princeton Review or The Huffington Post, but this one hurts.  Westboro Baptist Church skipped over ole Wesleyan to select Vassar College as its “Ivy League Whorehouse” (despite the fact that Vassar is not, in fact, a member of the Ivy League), and Vassar students are taking the honor with pride.

In a press release and their schedule, Westboro attacks not just Vassar but the whole of American academia.  They hone in on Vassar’s especially inclusive culture:

WBC will picket Vassar College to warn the students,  faculty, and alumni that the satanic policies of this nation, especially those of the colleges and universities, are causing God to pour His wrath out upon this nation. Doomed american academics fancy themselves to be smarter than God. They promote the fag agenda with all their might and mock the word of God and His messengers at every turn. Let’s see how that works out for them on the Judgment Day!

God Hates Vassar College for following the satanic Zeitgeist by professing the soul-damning lie that it is “OK to be gay.” That is what the men of Sodom and Gomorrah professed and we see how well that worked out for them. WBC will kindly warn everyone affiliated with Vassar College that the Lord that destroyed those ancient cities on the plain yet reigns. Repent or Perish!

How did Vassar students react? Since our friends over at Mads Vassar are no longer with us, let’s take our own look.  First, the Brewers took to the Internet by storm so intensely that BuzzFeed got in on the fun:

But then they got creative, channeling the energy into productively countering the message.  The Miscellany News reports that over 200 enthusiastic students got together for all-campus meeting last night.  Cautious of the risk of anti-religious and legal natures, the VC community brainstormed in small groups about fundraising and other positive twists.  Vassar students have started fundraising for LGBTQ suicide-prevention foundation The Trevor Project, raising over $22,000 by the time of writing—well above the original goal of $4,500.  Others have asked alumni to donate to local LGBTQ organizations in the Hudson Valley as counter-protest too.  Oh, and don’t forget the physical protests, too.

Vassar is a “Premier Campus” on the CampusPride on the LGBT-Friendly Campus Climate Index, earning 4.5 of 5 stars.  Wesleyan, meanwhile, earns 4 stars and is not considered a premier institution.

Purity and Wisdom” indeed, Vassar.  We love you. #ivyleaguewhorehouse

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