The Onion Mocks “Useless Campus Editorial” from the Argus

In a rather sardonic response to Wesleyan’s gun violence forum and similar gun control demands on college  campuses, The Onion completely shat on every college’s contribution to the gun discussion in a video clip titled “College Activists Excited to Add Powerless Voices to the Gun Debate.” At about 0:34 seconds in, a screenshot of an Argus editorial on the subject is hilariously incorrectly dubbed a “fruitless campus newspaper editorial.”

Curiously, the Argus shot is immediately followed by a phone interview with “Michael Feiring, Vassar Student,” whom upperclassmen will immediately recognize as Micah Feiring ’11, former WSA President (and not quite a Vassar student). Wesleying reached out to Feiring for comment last Friday, and he replied yesterday.

“I was actually unaware of this video at the time I received your message,” wrote Feiring. “Needless to say, I did not speak with The Onion about the role college activists play in the gun control debate. I do support stricter regulations and I think that all voices are significant in the gun control dialogue—even poorly run newspapers like the Wesleyan Argus. The legal team in my office is currently pursuing a defamation suit against The Onion in reference to false claims that I attended a second-tier institution like Vassar College.”

The video is below. For a brief history of Wesleyan mentions in The Onion, click here. For The Onion’s take on Wesleyan dinner parties, click here.

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9 thoughts on “The Onion Mocks “Useless Campus Editorial” from the Argus

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  2. ABlock

    guys, in this article:

    1) everyone is joking

    2) everyone is powerless

    3) everyone is alone

    /truth bomb

    1. Zach

      Huh? That quote is from Micah, not Wesleying. Wesleying has no opinion about the Argus editorial or the Onion vid, except that it’s hilarious and that we are obviously as worthy of mockery as any other campus publication.

  3. Senior Girl

    8:57 PM Wesleying gets upset that the Onion “incorrectly” dubs their article, is offended.

    9:00 PM Wesleying remembers that this is what the Onion does.

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