Career Center Showdown, Part Two: Sharon Beldon Castonguay Talks About Your Future

The Career Center’s seeking a new director. In a three-part series, we’re reporting from the front lines.

Not pictured:  Sharon Beldon Castonguay, careers

Not pictured: Sharon Beldon Castonguay, careers

“You don’t have to have a long-term career goal, you just have to do something,” began Sharon Beldon Castonguay in her presentation last night at 41 Wyllys.  Castonguay, director of the Baruch College Graduate Career Management Center,  is the second of three applicants considered for the position of Career Center Director. If hired, she would replace Michael Sciola, who left Wesleyan in 2012 to become associate vice president for advancement and director of career services at Colgate University.

Castonguay believes that the era of “safe career paths” are over and that college students might just have to learn how to accept a not-so-perfect job fresh out of college. (Only 64% of law school grads are practicing law nine months after graduation, according to Castonguay.) According to Castonguay, a less than ideal job after graduation will not derail your career path, and the best thing for college students (that’s us) to do is be flexible. If you are going to reach the top, you might just have to start at the bottom. “Does this mean that I might have to work a crappy job right out of college?” asks college student.  Castonguay argues, no—as long as you’re cool with waiting out on that job at Goldman Sachs for a lil’ while.

Castonguay hopes to bring opportunities to Wes students that will expose them to people and experiences that will benefit them on their future career paths, whatever those may be.

Want to check out the last applicant? Stop by 41 Wyllys, Room 112, tonight at 7 p.m.

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