View with a Room: A Nature Lover’s Paradise


Though I cannot tell you who decided to christen this series  “View with a Room” oh those many years ago, and why they decided upon such a title, I can tell you that the view of Jason Tangson ’16’s room is a beautiful one—and it’s one that you can get a glimpse of outside the confines of this post.

“It’s like a fucking greenhouse in there,” says one freshman, who mentions seeing it on her way to Olin.

The abundance of  flora in his room, which include species like Wandering Jews, along with Iresines,  Aloes, Chinese Ferns, and a banana tree, will probably incline you to agree, though the artificial tiger, and the aquarium containing three Minnows, two frogs, and two Bettas (this kind, not that kind), tempt me to describe it as more jungle-esque.

The drawings on the wall, all done by Tangson, only add to the mystical-paradise aura of his room. My personal favorite is the large green face on black—done as an 11th grade project, and previously unnamed. Tangson now declares, “Let’s call it Peter Helman.”

“The black strands pendent over the room,” Tangson says, “is a weave that I hang to ward off my roommate.”

Though I’m not entirely sure if Tangson is joking, his roommate does have a cool doodle wall, which Tangson tells me he gave up on.

Tangson’s room also features a door covered in leaves, which he calls “The Memorial of Fallen Leaves.”

From door to window, this room is surely unlike any other at Wesleyan, as unique as Tangson himself. Though many rooms hold plants, Tangon’s room holds nature.

As Tangson writes on his original submission, “Here’s my room. I like nature.”

If you would like your room to be the next one featured on View with a Room, submit pictures of your room, along with an explanation of what makes it special, to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

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6 thoughts on “View with a Room: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

  1. Plantsrule!!!

    I love this!!! What a great room!!! But what’s the secret to keeping plants from dying? Mine just enter and keel over. Is it personal? Or maybe too much Febreeze? As to IHate Plants–no hugs for you!. But if you let us know who you are, we’ll be sure to send a nice kitten meme.

  2. A Librarian

    “View With a Room” is a play on the title of E. M. Forster’s “A Room With a View.” Please spend some more time in the library. It will enrich your writing.

    1. PlantsRule

      What’s with all the gratuitous and mean-spirited snarking on this blog recently? One might think there’s a troll out there who just got rejected from Wes. Try yoga instead of spite. Or better yet, grow something. Maybe Jason can lend you a root.

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