Ain’t Tryna Say Good Morning: Wesleyan on NECN

Twenty-four-hour cable news network NECN, owned by NBCUniversal, used a song by “Adrien feat. William” as part of today’s Morning Show soundtrack. The song is, of course, “Ain’t Tryna Say Good Night,” written by Henry Molofsky ’13, Danny Sullivan ’13 and Will Feinstein ’13 and performed by Feinstein and Adrien DeFontaine ’13. This #MOLOdiesel production was released last spring, and apparently found its way to the Morning Show team, who, according to Feinstein, featured excerpts of the song before and after commercial breaks this morning.

To see the clip, visit NECN’s page, which claims, “This band is from Middleton, CT.” (According to Rolling Stone, that’s the same hometown as MGMT.) Watch ATSGN in all its glory below.

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