Campus Fossil Fuel Divestment Meeting

Straight from Angus McLean ’16 and Rachel Lindy ’15:

Right now there are 256 campuses across the country that have started movements to get their administration to divest away from fossil fuels. Despite being renown for its student activism, Wes has so far failed to step up to the plate. So come on down to the UOC to help kick off Wesleyan’s very own divestment movement and make that number 257.

We can’t fight climate one pipeline or coal plant at a time, and some of us just don’t have the time or criminal record chain ourselves to a bulldozer. But it is possible to loosen the grip the fossil fuel companies have on our political and financial system by speaking to them in terms they understand- like their share price. This is a really exciting opportunity to join a movement that was worthy of the NY Times front page, so don’t pass it up!

Date: February 21st
Time: 8:30PM-9:30PM
Place: UOC

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3 thoughts on “Campus Fossil Fuel Divestment Meeting

  1. heartsutra

    About damn time! I’m a fairly generous alum (class of ’93), and I’ve been wondering when you undergrads would get your act together on fossil fuel divestment.

  2. Fartmouth

    Typical Wes student: “I want need blind back even though Wes can’t afford it! But I also want to stop investing our endowment in high-yield energy stocks!”

    Choose your battles, people.

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