Video: Columbia Prof Strips in Front of Class, Assumes Fetal Position

Note to Wes: here’s how to make NSM credits less of a chore.

Because Quantum Mechanics and dadaist performance art go together like peas and carrots, Columbia University Professor of Physics, Emlyn Hughes, was spotted yesterday stripping to his boxers, donning a hoodie and sunglasses, attacking a stuffed animal with a samurai sword, and assuming the fetal position to the tune of Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”—all in front of a full lecture class.  Oh, and apparently ninjas and puppets were involved in the harrowing display, too. At any rate, it turns out the only effective way to learn Quantum Mechanics is to “strip to your raw, erase all the garbage from your brain, and start over again.”

Naturally, a student caught the entire harrowing display on video. And naturally, Bwog has the whole scoop, which you can read here.

Say what you will, but at least he didn’t call up a nude volunteer for a live “fucksaw” demonstration. And unfortunately Professor Hughes seems to be tenured, so there’s no word on when he’ll be available for a visiting professorship at Wes.


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8 thoughts on “Video: Columbia Prof Strips in Front of Class, Assumes Fetal Position

      1. Adam Johnson

        I’m critical because watching this man stip down and play pop music in order to “illustrate” a universally important point is, in my opinion, a massive waste of time and LOTS of money. That’s why I called it ostentatious and unnecessary…

    1. n00b

      As far as the sciences are concerned, FALSE. Classical mechanics and even Electricity and magnetism are largely intuitive, based on experiences people have in the real world on a daytoday basis just living. Quantum mechanics describes things that are entirely disconnected from how the world as we know it operates, but simultaneously describe the world at an even more fundamental level! Mind fuck, I know.

      1. Adam Johnson

        you might want to rethink. i stand by my point – one should strip themselves of preconceptions for ALL incoming knowledge. I mean it. If you think I’m talking about whether or not ‘magnetism’ is ‘largely intuitive’, maybe think again.

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